Weekly progress post #57: Chill and chatty

Today’s stream was very nice and there was a fair amount of discussion going on, which is always a joy! I added 2 new rooms and a new enemy; it’s not that much especially considering the stream was about half an hour longer than usual, but on the other hand said enemy is somewhat more complicated than usual enemies, used as a miniboss-type deal and by implementing it I ended up also finishing a couple plot-relevant things.

I really want to get done with the current area because I feel I’ve spent a long time at it already, but luckily the end is nigh; if I work on the area a bit between streams, I should be able to get it finished next week (sans optional rooms & the boss of the area) (maybe).

I was planning to add some stuff to Snake Game as well, but after spending so long on ESA 2 stuff I wanted to end the stream so that’ll be a thing for later.

I need to draw more.

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