No More Sweden game jam 2015!

Well, that game jam was last weekend. And it was lots of fun! Swam in the ocean for the first time this Summer and talked a lot with cool people; game development tends to be not that social most of the time so these moments where I can meet other game developers stand out nicely.

During the actual jam part I started to make a simple board-gameish online game where players have different jobs with different missions and have to carry them out. One of them is a traitor, with the mission to spoil everyone else’s objectives. I didn’t get quite as far as I had hoped, only managing the basic gameplay without the actual objectives, but it was fun making an online multiplayer game again. I probably wont keep working on it, but I might revisit the concept at a later date (although I do have several projects to work on at the moment anyway).

In other news, the game development streams I’ve been doing have been really enjoyable because it’s easier to concentrate on a project when I can’t just stop the moment I feel annoyed by a bug. This has also helped working on multiple projects at once. So thanks, everyone who has joined to watch the streams!

Also, Environmental Station Alpha’s Soundtrack is now out, for $2,99! Go check it out!


  1. Phillip says:

    Your game idea is interesting. There is a card game called Illuminati where every player has their own win condition and income rate. It’s a ‘board game’ in that it’s packaged as a complete set. The game is incredibly well designed and takes monopoly style bargaining to another level. My first time playing I picked the aliens who get to choose any win condition from another faction but keep it secret. They also get an additional attack per phase. Check it out if you are interested but only play it if you have at least 3 ruthlessly intelligent friends with 6 hours to spare.

    I just killed the temple boss btw, the game is awesome!

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