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    1. Eugène LEVY says:

      Hello Hempuli
      I like your game called Baba Is You and i am wondering what is your favorite animal and could you draw one if that please you
      I wish you are happy and you are gonna have a good year

    2. Denis says:

      I’d like to be a sequel, the game is pretty fun! How long does it take to make this game?

    3. June Flower says:

      The fact that ESA 2 is gonna come out some day is one of my first reasons to live. Loved the first one, can’t wait for this! ^_^

      Also, will the music still be by the same composer? I really liked the soundtrack of ESA 1, so I’m wondering…

    4. Aurel says:

      I was serious in the artist / programmer tweet though :X
      (But I guess a like means no :D)

      I have a feeling in my ESA run I’ve locked myself out of the best ending? Cause the eyes don’t open for me, maybe I shouldn’t have killed the security overmind … I wish there was a *subtle* hint before that happened, considering it’s a point of no return.

      V happy that you’re working on the sequel, I will miss the giant pixels though!

      • Hempuli says:

        The eyes are completely separate from everything else plot-wise; you’re able to open them at any point of the game. Are you sure you’re trying to do the right thing to open them? Some also require standing in specific spots in their respective rooms.

        Thank you!

    5. Orkmat says:

      Hempuli did your will make another game like Masjin ?
      I wanted to play Masjin but i dont know any communitys who play Masjin
      If you know can show me ?

      • Hempuli says:

        Hi Orkmat! I’m not sure if I will, because making online multiplayer games is quite difficult and even if I tried my best I wouldn’t be able to make it very stable or reliable. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any communities that’d play Masjin atm :(

        • Orkmat says:

          Thanks for answering Hempuli!
          I’ve changed the Masjin Server.txt to a Lacewing server and worked fine as well to play public, i think will be helpfull, thanks!

    6. Meh says:

      Oh hey, I got some video software working!
      Here is a 3:52 crown run, the best time I have had, but the worst run in a long time. :p

    7. TheXseption says:

      I couldn’t find a contact email which is why I’m posting this here. I’m a livestreamer/youtuber, and I’d love to cover ESA in some videos and/or on stream. I was hoping to obtain a review copy of ESA if possible. My channels can be found at and Email:

      Thanks for your time!

    8. Meh says:
      Soon is will be all mine, just got that 14.16 Excalibur.

    9. Godot says:

      I’ve been following this game for well over a year, and I’m glad it’s finally close to being put out there in its finished form.

      I haven’t read the comments consistently, so I’m not sure whether you intend to put the soundtrack up on Steam as well. Apologies if it’s somewhere obvious and I missed it, but it sounds like something I’d be interested in getting my hands on.

    10. Peyton says:

      Ok so the problem I posted earlier is resolved
      Haha I feel like an idiot
      I unzipped the game .exe but not the data folder. Duh
      Anyways thanks, and I’m loving the game

    11. ProfDeCube says:
      Server is down for masjin. Is there any way to host our own?

      • Hempuli says:

        I’ve been meaning to create a server hosting tool but I really haven’t had the time. Sorry about that! I’ll try to figure out something.

        • Nahkranoth says:

          I have some server space and I’m trying to host the Masjin server. I have opened and forwarded the port 6121 and I can connect to it from the client (it says “player connected” on the server) but the client won’t respond, it stays on the Connecting state. When I try to connect locally from the same machine there is no problem, but even if I try to connect from the server to the server by my external IP it says “player connected” but the client won’t respond. I’m running Windows Server 2012 and am able to host multiple applications without problems (Minecraft, webserver, etc)

        • Hempuli says:

          Ugh, ok. Good to know this :( I’ll try to work on this, but unfortunately my ability to tweak things is very very limited.

        • Nahkranoth says:

          You have my email adress (I filled it in) if you need access to a remote server I can provide that.
          I’m not 100% sure that it has to do with the Masjin client and/or server. It could still be something I did wrong
          but I’m out of ideas what that could be and the only way for me to figure out more would be to debug the client.

        • Hempuli says:

          I guess we should organize some kind of a bug-hunting event with Masjin’s hosting system. But really, the hosting/server code is fully self-contained and inaccessible to me, at the moment the only thing I can do is tell the hosting tool to ‘HOST’ on a given port. I tested the server hosting with a friend earlier and I think it worked just fine, though.

    12. Lemonade says:

      I really love your games and the particular feeling/touch you give them, and I’m glad to hear that you played Treasure Adventure Game! It has a similar atmosphere to what you’re going for, I think, and if it has inspired you, then you’re not alone.

      If I had to bet on the best-game-to-come between the Chucklefish remake and ESA, though, I think you can guess where my bets would be ^w^

    13. bird says:

      Do you have any plans on releasing that World Generator for us to play with? I’d really love a great world generator for my RPG worlds and yours has a great style to it that I really like.

    14. Cybe says:

      You should totally add more chapters to the game. There’s enough space on the item log for it. This game is superb!

    15. Cybe says:

      I noticed a bug I think I’ll mention. The levitation pack that creates the purple line beneath you right? Well say there is a deep vertical chasm. I’ll use that pack as a quick way to get down from a high area by falling, switching to the pack, unequipping to fall again, then switching to prevent me from hitting the ground. This is a great way to emulate downward flight. Well a few of the times I’d do this I noticed that the player would fall down in midair & take damage as if he jumped from a great leap, & I believe this was without the platform beneath me too! Please look into this phenomenon.

      Also, may I make a feature suggestion? Oil Drums are supposed to be volatile & sensitive to mishandling right? Well can you make it so if they are thrown onto a bear trap they will explode? This would have a lot of practical uses in the game & it seems to me like this is something most people would assume is a basic mechanic after understanding the oil drum’s dynamics. I certainly assumed this.

      • Hempuli says:

        If you switch to the levitation pack while already falling too fast, you take falling damage. This is intentional but do you think it should be changed?

        AS for the suggestion, thanks! I’ll add that.

        • Cybe says:

          I left a really long drawn out comment but my browser messed up on me :/ The gist of what I was saying is that I tend to use the levitation pack to excavate gold seams from the first two areas after already practically strip mining them, & that the fall breaking exploit does not appear to me to be game breaking or over powered. I use this maneuver most in areas I have already explored. I wouldn’t take the risk of a dive blind into the heart of the temple & you get the item (if you even get it at all that run) midgame, so it’s potential for exploits with it is pretty minimal in my opinion. I would say remove fall damage. That is my opinion on the matter.

        • Hempuli says:

          Alright! I’ll keep that in mind once I return to CWOUN :)

    16. Cybe says:

      I was more curious from a technical standpoint, thanks for you replies! :)

    17. Cybe says:

      The crystal ball has a separate function than the mirror I take it?

      & I understand the different chests have different item pools, the blue chest is in the first area & it’s key is in the second; in the second area there’s the alien chest. If I recall correctly the lightning gun is found in the blue chest whereas the pink alien cannon thingy is in the second chest. What I’m asking is are those pools entirely random or more of a random fixed pairing? Can I get the lightning gun & the alien cannon in the same run?

      • Hempuli says:

        All the chests have fixed pools that don’t change. So yes, you can get those in the same run, but it’s entirely based on luck. Since the items vary a lot in terms of usefulness, this might not be the best way to do it :(

    18. Cybe says:

      I’m totally dying to have a hint what I have to do get this item? Is it in one of the special chests? (I used a stat sheet from an earlier build so I don’t spoil anything. The item in question is highlighted)

      • Hempuli says:

        [spoiler]It should be the crystal ball you get from the ancient chest. The item isn’t very useful, sadly.[/spoiler]

        • Cybe says:

          That’s not the same Crystal ball that gives you an extra heart is it? Because I found that one.
          On a related note, are the treasures completely random or kinda a mixed bag? I.e. is it possible to get the alien weapon & the lightning weapon in the same run?

        • Hempuli says:

          The crystal ball is blue and lets you teleport to where you’ve been earlier.

          There are 3 chests, and they all have separate item pools. You can’t get two of the items that you get from the blue chest, no.

    19. Cybe says:

      Awesome, sounds like it’ll be pretty seamless C:3

    20. Cybe says:

      Okay so there’s definitely something going on codewise with two items of the same class being on screen at the same time. I threw a spike ball at a skeleton & it hit once, so he was still alive. The ball was at his feet. I threw another ball I got at a skeleton above him, when that ball killed him, it killed the other skeleton who was standing on the other ball.

      • Hempuli says:

        Yeah, that’s a problem with how MMF 2 identifies which entity to ‘target’. There are some instances where I can’t fully fix it without making some really weird cornercase code, but I’ll try my best (once ESA is done)!

        • Cybe says:

          ESA is MMF2 right? Think it’ll have similar bugs?

        • Hempuli says:

          Yes, and no, I don’t think so, because ESA doesn’t have a similar pickup/throw item interaction system. There are some very rare situations where an enemy might take damage even though it shouldn’t if the player spams their gun and there are several enemies about, but with the new gun that’s even less probable than before :)

    21. Hempuli says:

      Thanks for the reports!

    22. Cybe says:

      CWOUN bugs;
      If you kill an enemy with a stalactite, & another enemy(like a bat) is on screen touching another stalactite, that enemy will also die.

      Sometimes Snails pass through falling blocks instead of being crushed.

      Sometimes if a skeleton is trapped in a one block space with a block above him, but no block to the right or left of that, he can still sometimes throw bones diagonally out of the corner between the block above him & the wall he is facing.

      This has happened a few times but not in any frequency I could surmise the exact nature of the bug behavior; sometimes opening a crate will give me both the item in it & another item, most typically a flare. One time said glitch flare was double stacked with another item I was holding on my back. I had to set that item down to get the flare to behave normally.

      • Cybe says:
        Here is the flare bug. I was holding a blue key, I picked up a crate & opened it, got a flare, but the flare was stacked with spike balls. There was a merchant nearby. It was stacked with two spike balls actually, both of them I bought from the merchant(& threw off screen). So the game must have associated those items with this crate item & maybe the blue key fueled part of the glitch? I can’t say, but the stuff I bought prior double stacked on the flare for sure.

        • Cybe says:

          If one bear trap is stepped on & there’s another one on screen, that one may go off too.

        • Cybe says:

          Spring boxes will animate as if they’re being jumped on if another nearby is being jumped on.

          Also one time I bought two spike balls, through them both off screen, picked one up & used it to kill an enemy, went & picked the other one up, & that one double stacked into two spike balls (i.e. if I set one down I was still holding a second one)

    23. obskyr says:

      There really isn’t a better place to ask this – I’ll just post it here.

      What happened to your older games? BulletZORZ, for example, is nowhere to be found. More importantly, GENERIC. I remember really, really enjoying that game, and in fact the game’s original page still exists at The game can however no longer be downloaded, but I definitely want to play it again.

      Any chance for a return of those old games, or at least an explanation as to where they went?

      • Hempuli says:

        I removed some older games from the main site because I didn’t think they were very amazing but also because some antivirus software reported them as harmful (false positives but I don’t like the idea anyway). I guess I could try recompiling them and seeing if they still give problems, and then re-add them if not.

        Thanks for the interest!

    24. Phedran says:

      Do you have a twitter or a mailing list we can follow for the game? I really want to play it for my youtube channel. :)

    25. Ekhi says:

      Hey, I just wanted to say that I’m sad that Your games are not more known… I got some friends to play Masjin, so there’s that xD but good work :D

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