My name is Arvi Teikari, and I’m known in the internets as Hempuli. I’ve been creating games since I was 10-11, and I use Multimedia Fusion 2 to create my games. This blog was created so that I could put some news up more easily, this far I’ve needed other pages to do this.


  1. Eugène LEVY says:

    Hello Hempuli
    I am wondering what is your favorite animal and could you draw one and post it if that please you
    I hope you will have a good year

  2. Kacper says:

    Hello there!
    I recently came across Baba is You and it looks like a really cool idea, so I’d love to hear more and discuss possible release on GOG :)
    Let me know if you’re interested!


  3. Nim says:

    Hello Hempuli!

    First of all, I recently started to play ESA and I really love it!

    I’ve discovered a somewhat major bug in the game and I wasn’t sure where I should report it, so I hope this is a good place.

    When you fight the Research outpost boss, the Relentless Spirit (or something like that), the game disables your supercharge module powerup to make the fight more fair. However, I did not unlock the supercharge module yet at this point of the game, so it happens that after beating the boss I miraculously acquired the powerup. I suspect a similiar thing may happen in the second Myweh fight where some powerups are disabled too.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully the bug is fixed!

    (another unrealated problem; when I select any of the research outpost rooms in the map it does not show any text, like “teleporter” or “save point”. I dont know if this is intended or not. The same happens with the teleporter that leads to the outpost)

  4. Hapc says:


    Good work on ESA, can’t wait for the sequel!

    I had a question, your game gained momentum due to Steam and reviews, could you say you are economically satisfied with the results of that game?, I don’t know if you have other kinds of jobs, and I’m in the process of creating a game with a coder friend, kudos!

    • Hempuli says:

      Hi, thanks for the compliment! :)
      I’d say that I’m definitely satisfied with the results; I have other sources of income but ESA has certainly helped me come by somewhat consistently. However, the ‘economical success’ of a game is often calculated as costs vs. revenue, where things like living costs during development are calculated into the total cost of making the game. I’m pretty sure that by this metric ESA wasn’t successful, seeing that I worked on it for 3 years. On the other hand, since we didn’t have a studio officially developing the game but instead worked on it on our free time, one could argue that the costs vs. revenue viewpoint isn’t entirely valid because said costs went mainly to studies etc. with the game development happening on the side.

      Hopefully this answered something! :)

  5. okarowarrior says:

    Hi Hempuli.
    Masjin is a magestic game. It’s incredible you give it for free. Havent you tought about puting it on steam greenlit? I think it would ppl catch their attention to it! :)

    • Hempuli says:

      The networking code is very messy in Masjin so I’d have to re-do it from scratch; also I’d need to set-up a dedicated server, both of which are things I don’t really motivation/interest in doing right now. Thanks a lot, though! I’m glad you enjoyed the game :)

  6. Mordevil says:

    Hello Hempuli!

    As many others before me I stumbled across your blog while researching procedural world gen. While reading previous post on the subject i noticed that you mentioned you were working on an example. Basically I’m wondering if this example will end up on the blog or how can I read up on your approach as you’re results look really impressive.

    Side note: You’re other projects are really cool too ;) keep up the good work!


  7. Tech says:

    Please release the source of your World Map Generator. Its results are great.


  8. David White says:

    I have a small but steadily growing YouTube channel Lord VikingBeard (check it out at https://www.youtube.com/LordVikingBeard )

    I do regular content (a few times a week) including lets plays, Quick Looks (first impressions) Reviews and Colab content.

    I was hoping to get a PC review code for Environmental Station Alpha, so I could start producing related content for the game.

    I plan to do, Quick Look and/or Letsplay content, (depending on how the game grabs me) and a review once I have finished the game, or played long enough to have a good understanding of the game.

    Let me know if you can and thank you for your time.

    Yours sincerely,

    David Anthony White (Lord VikingBeard)

  9. Per says:

    Hi Hempuli!

    I stumbled upon your website while looking for an inspiration, I am a new-born indie game dev and I am working on 4x strategy game and your maps are great!

    One of your maps, got my attention, and I would love to start hand drawing on top of it. To be more specific, this one: http://www.hempuli.com/blogblog/archives/253

    Will that be alright with you if I reuse that one? If yes, could you please drop me an email or reply here? Greatly appreciated!



  10. WickedSquiggleGames says:

    Hi there, Im writing my own game in a similar style to ESA, but with more adventure puzzle style areas.. i wanted to know how you designed your levels.. what did you start with? The story? and then base around that? or .. where did you get your inspiration from ?? If you could answer these questions that would be great.. ESA is amazing btw..

    • Hempuli says:

      Hi WickedSquiggleGames! Thanks a lot for the compliment, I’m glad to hear you’re working on game development stuff as well! Answering fully to what you asked would take quite a lot of time & space; but I’ll try to answer some basics. I started with the art; I made a mockup of a limited colour palette and went from there. After that I made a simple engine and drew a map, and once the engine was good enough I started working on the actual levels. Story was in many respects one of the last things I thought of (to the detriment of the game: don’t do this!) I recommend reading ESA’s post-release thoughts here: http://www.hempuli.com/blogblog/archives/1279

      • WickedSquiggleGames says:

        wow man.. tnx for the quick reply.. really appreciate it.. i will read every word of your blog :) and keep u updated of my progress.. tnx again man.. not everyone is that helpful :)

  11. Ampuan says:

    hello hempuli, i was wondering why do you use multimedia fusion 2 when you make cavern of flight while clickteam offers better product such as clickteam fusion 2.5? please reply :)

    • Hempuli says:

      Hi Ampuan! I’m not interested in switching away from MMF 2 because I want to eventually learn new tools instead of sticking to the same product family. On top of that, there are several compatibility issues with plug-ins that would make me unable to use certain tools I’m very fond of if I changed to F2.5.

  12. Luisa says:

    Hi Hempuli

    I’m not sure if anybody still plays World of Abstractica 3 but i do and am currently stuck. I thoroughly enjoy them game and am determined to finish it!!!
    I have tried looking on forums for help but to no avail, and Google can only help so far! The only other conclusion would be that i am not looking for the right things!
    Do you perhaps know of a place where i can get help with some of the levels? i have tried everything!!!

    Thanks for WOA!!

    • Hempuli says:

      It’s been a long time since I worked on Abstractica, and WoA is largely MJK’s project. There are puzzles that I designed so I might be able to help, but there’s a high chance of a given puzzle not being mine or me just not remember what the trick is. Anyway, do send me e-mail or link the puzzle here if you want!

    • barbie says:

      OMG!!! If it’s not too late – there is my mail – barbieabstract@gmail.com – because I’m looking for persistent players willing to solve ALL levels. Unfortunately, mjkgames.com forum is closed, maybe some registered players can leave me a message (to barbie). I’m still trying to solve two last secret levels, The Great Abstractica Day, and Give Up Already – in vain…. Have You probably designed those levels? Ah, I can’t be so lucky :(
      Hempuli, dear, please, send Laura my mail…. remember: ‘internet community can help’ :) :)
      Thanks in advance!

      I wish You all the best!

  13. Alberto says:

    Sup, Just played Environmental Station Alpha (I actually wrote down the name of the game on a list of “upcoming good games” a long time ago), this is A GREAT METROIDVANIA.

    And knowing that you are in the making of the sequel already (I think it’s the sequel) feels like fresh air, you are saving the genre!!

    I have a question, do you code as a freelancer? I mean, I’m planning on creating either a Metroidvania or a RPG game (8 bit style) where I’d be designing every single sprite + music, and since I don’t know coding, just wanted to ask.

    Another project (maybe this takes less, I don’t know) is a music app for IOS, would you be interested in hearing about it?

    It’s super cool if you are not open to freelancing, I’d like to see a Zelda-like game in the future, thanks!!


  14. Sedas says:

    Hempuli, can you share that map generator you were using in 2010? I am willing to pay for that!

  15. GrumpWump says:

    I hope to see gamepad support and bots in Masjin! Masjin reminded me of another PVP “blocky sandbox”, King Arthur’s Gold, using Irrlicht.

  16. Simon says:

    Hello Hempuli!
    I stumbled across your blog while doing some research for island and world procedural generation techniques, and I have to say that your results are by far the most beautiful and realistic I have found!
    I was most surprised about how realistic all the biomes and the mountains look. unfortunately other than the final result there isn’t much about the process you used, so maybe you can explain the main concepts you used for your algorithms or address me to some online resource.
    Many thanks, and keep this up ;)

  17. Erik Birger Karlsson says:

    I have a question about the demo for your game that is currently on steam. Can I use the same Save-File from the demo if I purchase the final game?

    I really love the gameplay and atmosphere! I can tell that a certain game with a female space-suited main character has inspired this game a lot … ;)

    Could you please send me your reply to my email? I’m not really a forum-person. ;) BUT you can reply here as well so that your answer could help somebody else looking for the same info. :)

    Regards & keep doing what you do! :)

    Erik Birger Karlsson

    • Hempuli says:

      I’ll send you e-mail but also answer here:

      Thanks a lot for the compliment! The demo and full version have completely separate maps and item progressions, so the save files aren’t interchangeable.

  18. Hello there!

    i am an Graphics artist looking to help out the little men, is there a way i could contact you other than this reply form?




  19. Cless says:

    Congratulations on the demo release! I’ve been watching ESA’s progress for a few years and I’m super excited to be able to play the demo. It’s sizing up well, and I’m looking forward to the final product; supporting it too. I’ve passed the word along to a few friends and I’m hoping this game gets the attention it deserves. It’s titles like this that encourage me to keep pursuing game development.

  20. Taslem says:

    Hi! I really liked your games, especially PF and Masjin. I wanted to play them again, but Masjin doesn’t seem to be working right now. It seems like the server isn’t actually running the game. It just hangs forever when you try to connect.

    Do you know of a fix? Is it possible for users to host their own servers?


  21. AwfulWidget says:

    Hey Hempuli! I stumbled across your stuff while looking for alternatives to Campaign Creator 3 and am really impressed. Have you ever considered polishing up your world generator and releasing it to the general public? I’m experimenting with different programs to make my maps and this seems really different from most of what’s out there. Great work! 8)

    • Hempuli says:

      That might be interesting, to be honest, although I’m kind of afraid I wouldn’t be able to offer as much customization as the users might want; the generation is relatively hardcoded at the moment. I’d definitely want to use the thing somewhere, that’s for sure. Thanks for your interest! :)

  22. Maruki says:

    Hi Hempuli,

    I must say: your paintings are amazing!
    Thank you for sharing them in this blog, so we could admire your work beyond your games. (◠‿◠)

  23. Hempuli says:

    I’ll get in contact with you! :)

  24. Jay says:

    Hi Hempuli,

    I have been keeping tabs on ESA because I think it looks great, I downloaded Officer Alfred and found it pretty enjoyable. Anyway I run a games blog and if you wouldn’t mind I’d to email you some interview questions for a post. If that’s ok then just email me so I can send them over. Thanks :)

  25. Hempuli says:

    Very interesting! Expect some e-mail sometime in the near future!

  26. Oops, last comment was submitted by accident. :) Sorry about that.

    Hi Hempuli,

    I really love the look of ESA. If you are interested in bringing this game to the Nintendo 3DS eShop, please email me. Perhaps my company, Renegade Kid, can help somehow.

    I look forward to playing the game when it is released.



  27. Alberto says:

    Hi, I recently discovered Enviromental Station Alpha and it looks amazing so far!!, I hope you can complete it soon and is has a rich and big map (with map option like Metroid of course). How’s the music going, need a composer or something? hit me up.

  28. Hempuli says:

    Unfortunately I might not have any proper answer for your inquiry. :(
    I’ve learned my pixel art skills by trying over and over over the years (over over), and I’m not that good at it in any case, mind you. I guess a very important part of the learning process has been looking at other people’s works, because that has taught me some important things about using colours and expressing things with very low resolution. However, most of the learning progress has been trail-and-error-ish undescribable mess.

    If you need specific help, just ask! I’ll send you an e-mail :)

  29. Eldin says:

    Hey Hempuli,

    I’m Eldin, I’m a CS major, aspiring to be an indie dev, and one of the things that I’ve been learning lately was pixel art.

    What I wanted to ask was, how did you learn pixel art? Where were the sites that taught you more about pixel art?

    Would be grateful for your help, thanks for your time mate!

  30. Jon says:

    Hey there Arvi,

    I was looking around other indies that I could contact and I found your site. Do you remember acoders by any chance? I am skn3 the leader of that, Gotta say hello to clickers of course :D

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. Basically I really need some help from other indies. I have this tool I have created called Objecty. It is not finished, but is still in development. There is an alpha demo to download on the project page so go have a look if you want. I took a massive gamble and put it up on kickstarter. Before you groan and close the email, I am not begging for backers!

    More then anything I need to get the word out about Objecty. It can do some really cool stuff but it hasn’t seemed to pick up a lot of attention. So can you help? Tweet, blog post, forum post, reddit post.. anything!

    Id be happy to hear your thoughts on Objecty (if you tried the demo). It would be interesting to get some positive (or negative) feedback.




  31. Hopeless says:

    Hello, Hempuli!
    I HATE You and Mikko Kaksonen, my “day & nightmare” :):) – “WOA really CONSUMED my life”!!
    Of course, I’M JOKING – but, You see, there are still some people addicted on World of Abstractica… and hopelessly stuck at Journey 4 – levels: “Smiley in ASCII” (54), “Wrath of the missing answer box” (37) and “Multicrypt2” (95)… :(:(… Is any help possible?
    Anyway, I congratulate You on Your wonderful games and wish You all the best in 2012.!

    • Hempuli says:

      I haven’t worked with Mikko Kaksonen for years, and unfortunately I don’t remember any of those solutions anymore. Sorry about that! I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying the series, though.

    • Søren says:

      Hey, are you still in trouble with Abstractica? I know you wrote that 3 years ago, but I have written almost every answer down, and I have solved “Smiley in ASCII” (54) and “Wrath of the missing answer box” (37). Not lvl 95 though :)

      • Shadowmere says:

        Hi Soren, how can you help me with levels 54 and 37? :)

      • gienek88 says:

        hey, i need help too. if by any chance you are still here please answer me.

      • Hempuli says:

        Sorry, I really can’t help with Abstractica stuff these days :(

      • gienek88 says:

        dear hempuli, i understand that you cant remember abstractica stuff but maybe you have any contact with old mjk team? or anyone who can provide me some help? i remember long time ago on mjkgames forum was topic with archived forum discussions that contains tips and help for abstractica but currently that site is down.

      • Hempuli says:

        Yeahh, I guess most of the info is now buried in the past. With a quick check, it’d seem that some of the solutions for World of Abstractica can be found in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_trH0DWUtng

        I tried to reach the forums via Wayback Machine, but it seems that the WoA subforum hasn’t been archived. That’s a shame. :( If you can’t find the answer in those videos, I could ask MJK themself.

      • Søren says:

        Hey! Anyone still needs help with the levels? I just searched for something myself and coincidently found this thing I wrote years ago! I have most of the answers even though I still miss some levels!

  32. I like doing mind power!!!

  33. Xiang Iris says:

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  34. Molteir says:

    Hum, I suppose that makes sense, regarding what I said earlier about artistic vision and all.
    (I used to be like that, until I found that my incompetence brought me to the need to find help)
    Hum, now that is curious. You don’t want to make games for a living? So it’s more like a hobby? :P
    Hum, and I’ve been playing notepad and flickerstrings, I must say, this experimental vein of games is completely different from what I’ve seen until now. Such a peculiar treatment of the gaming scheme!
    Also, I don’t mean to get to your privacy in any way, but you wouldn’t have any sort of place where we could talk? I understand if you’d prefer not to give it though…

  35. Hempuli says:

    Oh yeah, I don’t think I could ever work with a team bigger than me ans a musician, at least unless for some reason me and the other members managed to somehow work together. I generally want to hold as many of the threads as possible by myself. That’s selfish and dumb thinking when it comes to bigger projects, but I can’t really help it. I also wouldn’t want to make games for a living, so there’s that too.

  36. Molteir says:

    Oh…game companies then? I mean the sort of companies that provide you with a team and all. There are even a couple independent brands out there…
    I don’t know if I’m making myself clear, but that’s all my English allows…:P

  37. Molteir says:

    Oh, I didn’t understand that there were no monetary or similar prizes. In that sense, I suppose competitions can actually get a person to work! :D
    As I understand you are not signed to any game label, or anything of sorts. I’m not really surprised, seeing so many musicians and mostly visual artists share their work for free, but I must ask, wouldn’t you prefer it that way? Don’t understand this as any sort of advocating of the mainstream working etc., it’s just I think artists (hope you don’t mind if I call you an artist) sometimes could make better work if they had more tools to their disposal.
    Oh, and I forgot to mention, your cartoonish drawings are just delightful! ;)

  38. Molteir says:

    Hello Hempuli!

    I have been recently browsing through your work, and I must say, you have a fantastic vision of the artistic part of the game. The mechanics of the games aren’t that complicated, but I guess that is in some cases not the most important part. I’ve been browsing your games, and am now trying to play them whenever possible, as I find a certain charm in them all.
    I’m farily new to the indie/art game scene, but it appears to me that what counts is not the brutally efficient graphics and awesome gameplay made to please the millions out of a team of hundreds of people, rather than one person, or a group of them, that transmits their “artistic vision” to the game. They dictate how the gameplay works, and what should be in it. I think that’s somehow parallel to the jazz evolution, the way it went from the jam bands to the free-experimental sounds, from the vision of a group of individuals, to the mind of one…
    I have noticed you do a lot of games to competitions, if I got it right, like this Ludum Dare thing. I would like to know, don’t you think it can affect the outcome of the game to work with a competition in mind? I don’t mean to pry or anything, I’m just curious…
    Anyway, besides the snob impression I might cause, I actually love your games!
    Don’t know if you’d care to answer, but either way, cheers mate!

    • Hempuli says:

      Thanks for the comment!
      Well, one significant thing about competitions is that they have deadlines. Having a real deadline and only a small amount of time to work on the game helps me concentrate on whatever I think to be the ‘important thing’ in the game, be it a gimmick or a game mechanic. None of the competitions I’ve participated in have had real prizes, so I don’t think the way they’re supposed to make people compete for victory has really affected the games. Mind you, usually I’ll come up with a game idea beforehands and then get into working on it as soon as possible (with the theme in mind as well if there’s one).

  39. WhiteFalcon says:

    Hi Hempuli,

    just wanted to tell you I like your games very much! You really do know how to come up with original ideas. Floating Island is an outstanding game, really. I also enjoy browsing your blog as I have been toying with game development since.. well, ashamed to say so, but I started at about the same age as you, on an Atari 800XE back then. But because of long pauzes, laziness, lack of math knowledge and.. yes, lack of skill, I never got too far. Its still interesting to read blogs like yours and tutorials concerning game development. If only I had invested more time into coding, but its always fun to try something usind C and SDL.

    Wish you best of luck, keep up the perfect work you have been doing


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