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  • Weekly progress post #43: traps and scary ghosts!

    A fairly productive stream, yay! I added two new rooms, an important mechanic for the ruins area, two new traps (or one trap and one map feature that behaves similarly), and a new enemy. Also some decorative tiles, woo!! I’ll have to up my room design game a bit soon because I’ve been working on the ruins area for several weeks now; the good thing is, though, that I think I’m really starting to get a good feel to the area! The next area to work on will be very very different and located kind of awkwardly, so I’ll have to do some plans regarding that before tackling it.

    I was informed by ZenSoturi in the stream chat about the upcoming Ludum Dare! Despite my earlier regrets, I feel like it might be fun to join this time around. However, whether I’ll actually join or not remains to be seen.

    Two small winter doodles


    Took some time to doodle after talking about cold, snowy winter scenery with my girlfriend; it was good fun and resulted in two little scenes I liked. Also resulted in me using coloured pencils for the first (or at least nearly the first) time in years! I should doodle more(?)

    Weekly progress post #42: Charge shot!

    I felt like I got a good amount of things done tonight, although in truth the total amount of added content wasn’t that high. Highlights include finally adding a flood fill tool for the level editor while also cleaning up the code somewhat, as well as finally implementing a proper projectile for this game’s equivalent of the charge shot. It’ll need finetuning, but the basis I have now is fairly promising. Also I’m very happy with those crackling electricity things shown in the gif!

    Weekly progress #41: Ruins

    Today I worked a bit on the ruins area. I’ve got to admit that there’s currently such a huge amount of little glitches, bugs etc along with unfinished content that it’s starting to tax on my motivation. I guess I should take a couple days just fixing all the bugs I currently have on my todo list along with polishing stuff I’m not content with; however, that doesn’t sound very motivating in itself so we’ll see what happens.

    Anyway, a new enemy got added along with a new room! Also some bugs were fixed and certain earlier areas got a bit more polish. The chat was fairly active and that was great! :)

    Weekly progress post #40: No, you work on boss today

    I didn’t have very clear plans on what to work on tonight as I had spent most of my time working on other things, but the next boss was a very simple candidate and thus I turned my attention towards it. This ended up taking nearly all of the stream, but such is life! I’ll try to work on the boss more off-stream to preserve at least a little bit of surprise. In the end of the stream there was a Very Special sneak peek at a very early mockup of a possible song to be used in the game! More on the audio side of things as I get closer to an official trailer.

    Weekly progress post #39: Sealife

    Today’s stream went by fairly quickly, but 2 new enemies and 1 new room were added! I’m very happy about both enemies aesthetically. From here onwards I haven’t designed room layouts beforehand at all, so right now I’m a bit uncertain as to what kind of areas should come next. I’ll probably do a bit of planning before the next stream so that progress on the game map wont slow down. I intended to do a bit of work on the next boss & implement some stuff to Snake Game, but neither things happened. Oh well!!

    Also the results of the US election are very scary. I hope things wont get too horrifying and that Trump wont destroy too much of the progress in human rights etc. that have accumulated in recent years. :(

    Weekly progress post #38: Boss and dworfs

    Worked more on the new plant boss in ESA 2. There were some graphical and design-related issues that I struggled to solve and ultimately the boss as it is now feels somewhat lacking. I hope I can figure out ways to help that, though!

    I also worked a bit on a project I haven’t shown off before this; I’ll try to avoid working on it on-stream too much, though, because it’s essentially a sideproject that I enjoy adding things to and the stream should be reserved for games that actually need work!

    Weekly progress post #37: Boss tyme!!

    Yay! Spent today’s stream working on a new boss for ESA 2! The bosses in this game are much much larger than most of the ones in ESA 1, and working on them (and especially the graphical assets) takes a lot more time; luckily though I got a pretty nice ‘feel’ for this boss so it shouldn’t take too much tweaking to get it to work nicely.

    At the beginning of the stream I also fixed some bugs in the map generator. That one is also coming along sweetly right now! :)

    Weekly progress post #36: Got things done!

    Today’s stream was very productive! 3 new enemies were added (although two were variations of the same enemy), a new room was implemented and a new trap was introduced to the game. The chat was also fairly active, which is always neat. The swamp area I’m working on right now is a very enjoyable biome; making it will probably be a joy(??)

    I also worked on the map generator a bit at the end of the stream! Neat to get something done on that as well for a change.

    Weekly progress post #35: Ugly pipes

    Tonight’s stream was a Bad Pixel Art Stream; I wanted to do some assets for ESA 2 but ended up having to go with somewhat unfinished & unpleasant ones because I couldn’t get them to look right. Other than that progress was slowish but I added a new room, some new visual effects and a new enemy, along with implementing more of the weapon-changing element of the game! Next up will be a boss-fight, too!