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ESA pre-release stream on youtube


Environmental Station Alpha has been released on Steam!

Wooo! After 3 years of work it’s finally here (or there?)


New trailer for ESA + some other info

One week left until release! That’s pretty cool, also really really scary in many ways. I hope I can build up enough interest for the game so that it doesn’t fall into obscurity instantly. Not very good at this kinda stuff, nope!


The game will cost 8 dollars and have a 10% discount for the first week.
Check out the store page again:


In other news, Ludum Dare #32 will be around next weekend, and despite the pressure of the upcoming release I’m going to (try to) participate! I have some ideas that I think could be neat. We’ll see!


Yup, 3 weeks left until the release of Environmental Station Alpha! Pretty sweet, although I’m scared of what’ll happen and how thing’s go after that. Oh well.

Anyway, here’s a dumb teaser gif of a powerup, The Bike! I’ll be posting a GIF every weekday (at least) until the release of the game.

ESA release date announced!

HERE WE GO! ESA will be released 22nd of April!





In other news, check out this sicknasty 15-minute Excalibur Meh just achieved in CWOUN:

Update to Copenhagen 2030

Added customizable controls as well as a settings menu that allows you to choose between two gamemodes and whether you want to reward a person dynamite/ammo/nothing upon successfully defeating an enemy. Also fixed some stuff and made it so that you don’t have to restart the game to play more rounds; now the game continues automatically until someone wins.





Note: if more than 1 gamepad is connected, the game will assume the number of players to be equal to the number of gamepads connected. The game was meant to be played with a pad, after all.

Footage of my game at NGJ2015

My game won the “Most Marketable” jury award! Woop woop!

Nordic Game Jam 2015

Greetings from Denmark! After missing the event last year it has been really great to meet all these cool people and make games with them in the Aalborg University. :) I don’t remember when I last slept 3 nights in a row on the floor, but here we are. The theme was Obvious, which I think to be kind of silly in the same way many Ludum Dare themes are in that almost anything can fit it.

My entry is Copenhagen 2030, a game where global warming has turned Denmark into a Wild West -esque wasteland. Four players combat against each other in a deadly standoff. The game doesn’t have instructions so I’ll list them here:
You can only shoot when not behind the crate, and you can only be shot at when no behind it. The dynamite can hit you even behind the crate. If you run out of bullets, you need to shoot 3 times to re-fill your bullets. Bullets deal 1 damage, dynamite 2, while all players have 2 health. The score is counted based on successful kills.

Keyboard controls:

Left/Right/A/D/F/H/J/L -> aim
Up/Down/W/S/T/G/I/K -> move behind the crate
Shift/E/Y/O -> shoot
Control/Q/R/U -> throw dynamite

Gamepad controls:

Left stick -> aim
Shoulder buttons -> move behind the crate
A -> shoot
B -> throw dynamite

Unfortunately the game is Windows-only.



  I also made another game with a similar concept, but it didn’t really work so I didn’t finalize it. I’ve played the boardgame Bang! quite a bit lately, which probably explains the Wild West setting.

CWOUN 100% completion recorded by Kie!

Here’s a really cool video of Kie beating the game fully:

Really cool! Thanks a lot for linking this :) I’ll try to get back to updating the game some more eventually but alas, life is hard and things take up time.

A sudden surprise Masjin update

Huh, well, I ended up updating Masjin slightly. I added some stuff to the Server hoster; so now you can see the IP address players should connect to. I also enabled killstreaks and scoreboards again, because I initially removed them due to bugs with the public larger server.

We tested the server hoster today with some friends and it seemed to work perfectly. If you have problems with the hosting, contact me and we’ll try to figure out something. I’ll probably organize some Masjin nights next week if I have time. :)



I think I should make some more online games in the future, just for fun. :)