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  • Weekly progress post #15: Lots of new rooms!

    Today’s stream was extremely productive in terms of ESA 2! I implemented the basics for 3 new rooms and finished one I started last time, along with fixing tons of little quirks and bugs (and encountering new ones on the way!) There are a couple design issues I’ll need to decide on really soon and a new boss right around the corner; in general the game’s progress seems to be really nice! I also did a little run of the game as it is right now and it took me half an hour to get through it all, although I did spend some time just chatting. I’m not sure if that time is reassuring or worrying. Time will tell.

    No work on Snake Game tonight because there’s a problem I can’t do much about that’s causing crashes and I really want that one squished before I continue.

    Weekly progress post #14: Slow but steady

    Early day tomorrow so I had to keep it short. Nevertheless, in ESA 2 we’ve now reached the hookshot powerup once again! Some implementation problems arose, though, and I’ll have to look into those before the next stream. Similarly, in Snake Game progress was slow because of a LUA-related thing that I need to look into which is way too boring to stream. Oh well!!

    Weekly progress post #13: They work!!

    Fixing the moving platforms turned out to be surprisingly trivial! I’m glad. I implemented the basic structure of this weird vertical, moving room and the one after that. I feel that the new rooms have been slightly too bare-bones but at the same time I’m trying to be extremely careful not to fill them with too many hazards.

    Progress was also nice with the snake game; the new snake needs some more design thought put into it but I have a very good feeling about it!

    Ludum Dare #35 results!

    Here we go again! Cavern of Flight didn’t fare quite as well as some previous entries, but all in all I’m nonetheless very happy with the results. Out of the 1118 compo entries, my game was

    #6 in the ‘mood’ category
    #20 in the ‘graphics’ category
    #48 overall

    I’d call that a fairly successful result! As usual my entry ended up being too hard and finicky to control, and those are things I’ll keep struggling with in the future, too, but it was a lot of fun to make a game and that’s all that matters. I’m really happy that I had the time/energy to enter the compo.


    Weekly Update #12: MOVING PLATFORMS!!

    Pictured here is mild frustration. I thought I had fixed the moving platforms, but as it turns out I only fixed them when they’re moving vertically! I’ll have to do some extra fixing for horizontal movement and during today’s stream I basically just gave up and decided to tackle that later.

    On the other hand, I got surprisingly far with a first test of a new snake in the Snake Game, so that was great! No gifs because I’m weird like that. All in all I’d say that the stream was fairly successful despite my tiredness. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix those platforms by next stream.

    New watercolour!!


    Woo! After nearly a year of no watercolours I finally got back to it after having a very cool discussion about painting. You can really see that I was a bit afraid of messing it up with how few colours I used, but I’m nonetheless very happy with this piece, especially considering that I made the lineart last Autumn! >:I

    I’ve been busy this week and thus been unable to stream but I’ll try to get the stream done someday before the week is over!! Sorry for the delay!!!

    Weekly progress post #11: Teleports!!

    (Teleport: not pictured)
    Today’s development stream led us quite a bit further in regards of a certain very important feature! I had been avoiding implementing the teleporting system for a long time, but after getting a bit lost with the design of a new room I decided to instead implement this long-awaited aspect of the game’s structure. Along with this came a smooth-ish transition effect, which might bear a bit too much resemblance to Cave Story(?) Sweet stuff! Next week I’ll concentrate on adding more content to the new area as well as refining the “on-line” minigame.

    Website overhaul

    I finally got around to doing it! The main website is as simplistic as ever and possible even more cluttered than before, but the flash applet is out and replaced with a simple viewer. This has the benefit of there being more space for stuff on the game-specific pages on top of the obvious lack of need to support flash, but I think I’ll have to add categories of some sort, as the actual main page is pretty full of text now.

    Doing this reminded in a sad way about how times have changed; it’s cool and all to have a personal website with my own games listed neatly, but the indie gaming culture has definitely moved on from people downloading games from developer’s websites, what with the prevalence of Steam and other such services. I kinda miss those days but totally understand why people prefer the ease and security of Steam over downloading various zip files from some site/forum somewhere.

    An interesting side-effect, though, is that these days games that you pay money for probably get more players than freeware games, just by the power of being on a site that specializes in marketing the game and making it easy to obtain it! This is great in the sense that it makes supporting the developers the assumed option, but I really hope something like becomes also favoured by players of games as a kind of bohemian haven for less standard games.

    Whatever. I hope someone checks out my older games using this new site to justify its existence, but it’s fine even if not!!



    Happy first birthday of Environmental Station Alpha! To celebrate, the game’s 50% off on Steam & Humble Store for this weekend, and the OST has a 33% discount too!


    Weekly progress post #10: Lasers and buttons

    A lot of time in today’s stream was spent reminiscing the early days of the Klik Skene, but progress was nice nonetheless. The laser traps are now in along with buttons that come in hidden, timed and one-off variations. I also added a new enemy, although I’m a bit afraid that it’s too much like a certain existing enemy. :( Oh well! I’ve been playing Ludum Dare entries on-stream every day when not otherwise busy and will continue to do so later this week as well. Many high-quality entries there this time around!