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  • Markov things

    I put parts of Lord of the Rings script and recipes into the generator:
    (Some of the later ones use only the script and no recipes because I accidentally overwrote the recipes that best fit with the script + the results weren’t that interesting.)

    Weekly progress post #76: Recipes

    Today’s stream was kind of a silly one; I spent most of it working on a markov chain recipe generator. I had made the generator itself last spring, but the recipes I used then were written by random people and thus had fairly different ways to express themselves, making the generation less interesting. On top of that I was a bit uncomfortable with showing the generator off with the data being recipes ripped from the internet. Today I went and dug up an old Chinese cookbook I have and started adding recipes from that instead; the book is from 1984 and old enough that tofu wasn’t a common thing in the west yet (it’s referred to as “bean cheese”). Since the book is in Finnish, I had to translate it on the fly which probably butchered a lot of the grammar, but at least now I have something I can actually show off! As can be seen in the gif above, there’s a lot of repetition (I think I have 7 or 8 recipes in the database atm); I suspect there might be a bug in the algorithm itself because there are large parts of recipes that basically never show up in the generated ones. Gotta look at that! Fun projects.

    Baba was also worked on; I implemented a level selection dialogue for when a level has a more difficult variant available. This has been on my to-do list for a long time now but various things (laziness, The International 2017) have reduced my motivation to actually get it done. The way the variants themselves are implement is terrible right now so that’ll need some looking at. As a nice side effect of this work, I separated the names of the levels into a separate file because previously they had been stored in a very nonsensical way that is somewhat hard to explain. Progress!

    Another little thing


    A little thing

    Weekly progress post #75: A bit of everything

    I actually managed to work on both Baba and ESA2 on today’s stream. In Baba, I implemented some map-related things to make it more polished. I also started working on a fairly cool special effect but ended up giving up on that because it would’ve required me to rework some very base-level code and would also have caused some entirely new graphical issues to solve.

    In ESA 2, I implemented the intro for a new (old) boss. Said boss still needs a bunch of graphical work but I have the general idea of the fight in my head so getting to implementing the actual fight should be fairly smooth.

    I also dabbled a bit with my chess pathfinder and fixed a bug in how bishops behave if they’re looking for a path to a square that they can’t actually land on.

    I’m currently in a state of mind where I have a whole bunch of projects I’d like to dabble with but kinda know that I wouldn’t have the motivation to actually work on them. I think I’ll do a little classic roguelike project at some point but maybe it’d be for the best not to do even that.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I think I skipped a stream & a weekly update due to Ludum Dare last week! I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll make a post about the Dare when I remember and have the energy.


    The reveal trailer for Noita, the game we’ve been working on at Nolla Games, is now out along with its website! I made the most of the pixel art & enemy designs. This has been under covers for a long time, so it’s great to finally get to announce it to the public!

    Press kit

    Weekly extremely belated progress post #74: Yeah

    Here’s finally that one weekly update I missed some time ago! I wasn’t feeling very inspired and ended up working mostly on Baba after all. The stream was pretty slow but I did fix some bugs, cleared up a very curious unintuitive mechanic (thanks Mokesmoe!) and added a new level. The word I added last time has turned out to be a pretty tough one to create levels for, but it’s interesting enough that I think it can stay. I have plans for a really odd and cool word to add, but that’ll require a bunch of work and despite my plans saying otherwise I didn’t get started on that today. Oh, and I added those brick tiles seen above!

    In ESA 2, I made some sprites for a new boss, so that’s nice! It’d be interesting to have fun designing a boss again. :)

    Weekly progress post #73: Breaks

    Today I streamed again with just one monitor; it’s a hassle and I really want to remember to get the necessary equipment around next time. I adjusted & redesigned multiple Baba Is You levels and added one(?) new one. I also added a new word, which turned out to be a huge hassle to get working and there are still situations where things will break down with said word. However, I feel that it could have potential for some pretty cool levels!

    I intended to break the lull in ESA 2’s development with some boss work, but the single-monitor issue along with a couple extra breaks drained my motivation so this ended up being just a Baba stream. I’m still one weekly stream behind, so maybe that belated one will be dedicated to ESA 2?

    Weekly progress post #72: Poetry??

    Today’s stream concentrated on Baba Is You, as has been the case for the past months, but ESA 2 also saw some work. In ESA 2 I added a new level and some new tiles to go with that and an important visual element that’ll be used in a bunch of cutscenes. The room added is the last room before a boss, so that’s sweet. In Baba I finished a room I had started before and added 4 (I think?) new levels, although 3 of those were replacements for removed ones. I edited a certain word mechanic pretty heavily (which necessitated the aforementioned replacement), and while I lost what I think to be a pretty funny mechanic, I got a fairly similar substitute in its place and some new potential puzzle elements. There was some nice chatting going on, and I think Alvaro_as was the one who suggested making a poem in Baba; it’s a wonderful idea! Now I need to figure out how Red and Blue work, though.

    Nolla Games announcement

    Nolla Games has now gone public!

    I’ve been working at this studio for the past 4 or so years mainly as a graphics artist. The studio consists of me, Petri Purho (Crayon physics deluxe) and Olli Harjola (The Swapper). Our secret project, one we’ve been constructing all this time, is almost ready to be revealed, and thus establishing the company behind it is now relevant. As can be seen, we’re dealing with some complicated pixel-based physics simulation here.

    There’s going to be an official Nolla Games stream in 11 AM PST 7/13/2017!

    We will announce our project on Monday the 24th!

    Nolla Games website

    Official Twitter

    Official Youtube

    Press kit