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Esa is actually a male Finnish name. It’s pretty funny.

More work done on ESA, things are looking extremely nice right now, I think. I just finished the pause menu and its submenus, and I’ve started working on the ~~FINAL BOSS~~!

Also I love completion percents; it’s great fun to complete a game and then see a rough approximation of the things left to found (Kirby’s Adventure for NES, Super Metroid and Treasure Adventure Game (by Robit studios) are great examples of this!)

Guess what ESA is going to have???

ESA and stuff

That’s another miniboss finished! Joy!!

Also found a solution to a programming problem I’ve been having for years; this means I might be able to finish some work on another concept I’ve had in my mind for quite some time!

(I really wish I had more time to paint! It’s been 4 months since I last did any serious watercolourwork :( )

ESA played with a classic gamepad!

Was testing this today; it’s cool! Although the d-pad is a bit finicky, but that’s not really the game’s fault.

ESA milestone!

I’m getting close to 100% rooms done; the only thing left is redoing those few temple rooms left (and adding some secret things if I feel like it). If I keep up the pace, the game could be done level-wise next week! After that it’ll be all about bosses, ending cutscenes and quality-of-life things!

News and stuff

I feel that I remember to update the ESA twitter and TIGforums devlog more often than this blog. Sorry about that! I’ve tried to focus on ESA to get that out of the way, to put it rudely.

Have a GIF!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post is that I want to gather some opinions on CWOUN. Mainly, I’d like those 3 of you who read this blog to answer the following question:

What are the hardest things in the game AKA What thing(s) kill you most often?

I’d like to eventually start updating that game again, and it’d be neat to make it a bit more accessible. Comment on this post if you feel like it!

Also check out these amazing CWOUN fan-arts:

(Source: imgur, drawn by Meh)

A new review of CWOUN!

The blog has been relatively silent for a moment. Let’s fix that!

CWOUN got a really neat review over at the RETRO SPIRIT GAMES blog. Go read it by clicking here! Basically the review points out the main problem with the game – it’s too hard. Ugh. I’ll update the game with some updatey updateness once ESA is at least nearly complete.

As for ESA, I was on a trip for a week and thus wasn’t able to keep working on it. However, I’m back, and so’s development. I’ve reached the 90% mark, and decided that after this I’ll try to refrain from using a percentual calculator for measuring the game’s state, since at this point things get a lot more uncertain due to there being so much polishing to be done everywhere, even if the actual content was done. There’re only two rooms to complete before getting to the final boss, so that’s very cool!

I made a list of things that need to be added after the final boss is done!

Nordic Game Jam 2014 is going as I write this, but unfortunately I was unable to attend this year. This saddens me a lot, since that’s easily the best game jam I’ve ever participated in! The other trip I was on kind of drained my money (not to mention energy), so I had to pass this time.


ESA & CWOUN stuff

A player actually found the *ultimate treasure* of CWOUN. Good job! Have some ~official developer-made fan art~:


I also made a neat little graph to illustrate how ESA has progressed throughout the years:

Currently the game’s at 86%! I think I’ll stop using percents once I hit 90%, since the final polishing etc will probably take quite a while.


I’m quite happy with how it looks!

Also I recently got a couple game ideas I think to be quite neat. Maybe there’ll be a game made out of one of them? Who knows!