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Progress post #127: Objects, objects, objects

The past couple streams have concentrated on Baba’s level editor’s object selector. Making a robust system that doesn’t break down but allows stuff like searching & tags has been relatively fun but also a *lot* of work. It’s kind of funny to think that once this bit of the editor works, it might turn out to be the single largest hurdle to overcome. Possibly not, but I like the idea.

On top of Baba, some work was recently done on fixing the (final?) outstanding issues in Stumblehill. It’d be neat to add a bit more content to that game, but it’s probably for the best if I don’t add another tentative thing onto the already-overflowing to-do -list.

Progress post #126: Turn

Streamed some Baba development and a *little* bit of ESA2. Baba work included a small step forward with the official editor, implementing the Turn-word seen above, investigating a mystery cornercase bug and redesigning a level I didn’t like (not sure if it’s better now, though.) I intended to do more ESA2 stuff, but work there ended up being mostly small editor features and replaying the old version a bunch.

Progress post #125: Languages (aaggaaiinn)

Got a small stream done tonight! There’s still a little bit of translation work to be done, but things are looking pretty nice on that front. It sure has taken some time, though, thanks to my bumbling. Today I fixed various tiny issues with certain translation-related code and tried to redesign a level I dislike, unsuccessfully. Oh well!!

Progress post #124: Languages (again)

Today’s stream saw me finally draw the cyrillic alphabet for Baba Is You! The game won’t be fully localized but we’re doing translations of the UI for a bunch of languages and it’s neat to get forward with that. I’m quite happy with how the symbols look in the game’s doodly font.

I also had time to work a bit on ESA 2; I fixed some bugs and started adding some needed features for the game’s level editor. It’d be neat to finally get to the point where I can start building some rooms, though!

Progress post #123: Miscellaneous

More streaming! Today’s streaming was mostly just fixing a couple bugs in Baba, then implementing some final bits of translation code and starting some complicated level editor code. Slow-going but pretty neat.

I also demonstrated ESA 2’s original version on-stream and started feeling really bad about restarting the project; there were lots of neat things in the original! Bummer about all the clunky stuff, hmph.

Progress post #122: Languages

Finally got to stream a bit again. I’ve been getting tired quite early lately, which is good for purposes of going to sleep at a reasonable time, but less ideal for purposes of getting streaming done.

In any case, streaming happened today! It was a short one, less than 2 hours, but I got some really neat stuff relating to Baba’s translation done. Certain languages will need using a special font instead of the game’s in-built, hand-drawn one, and this stream was spent on implementing the rendering of said special font. Tedious and at times frustrating stuff, but everything went really smoothly here in the end which was a really welcome surprise!

Really looking forward to getting this part of the development handled. This Autumn is looking to become extremely, extremely busy, because I’ll have to finish some very important university-related work. We’ll see how that goes; it might be that I’ll have to postpone some Baba-related work in order to get certain courses done with dignity (or even just done, haha.)

Progress post #121: Stuff

Another stream! Some Baba bugfixing and re-implementing things such as enemy behviour and editor tools in ESA 2. I’m starting to see some familiar patterns of aesthetical unpleasantness in ESA 2, and would very much like to deal with those right now so that I don’t have to keep developing the game with an increasing sense of not being a fan of the look of it. Hopefully something more concrete presents itself.

Progress post #120: Bump

Another stream where I worked on three different games! ESA got a much-needed little fix, ESA 2 went forward some and Baba saw a couple bugfixes as well. I also implemented a system that makes it easier to understand what’s happening when an object tries to move but is immediately returned to its origin, as seen above.

There’s so much stuff to do! I had a vacation of sorts last week but had to spend it preparing for an exam – another week would’ve been very much welcome. As it is, progress on these various projects is ponderous but at least I haven’t burned out.

I’ve been playing Cultist Simulator again, and combined with Sunless Skies I’m feeling a foolish urge to try to make something story-driven. I don’t think I’d actually be able to make anything sensible story-wise, though.

Progress post #119: INFINITY

Streamed again! I’ve been adding/fixing various things in Baba for consistency and to prepare for the eventual level editor. Today I polished a system that displays the above visual effect if the player would create a loop the game can’t resolve.

I also started working on the dialogue system of ESA2. That went surprisingly smoothly, I’m glad. I’ll try to go for a less rigid speech bubble -type design this time.

Baba Is You patch notes (May 10th) – version 1.0.4

Switch patch notes for the new version!

Fixes & tweaks:

– Promoted Skull House to an extra level
– Added Lovely House to where Skull House used to be
– Some underlying work for potential future features
– The Linux build should work again
– Replaced Secure Cottage with Fireplace
– New level: Pillarwork! Located where Fireplace used to be
– New option to disable particle effects
– Shuffled levels a bit in Cavern
– Fixed a colourization error in one of the endings
– Fixed the area completion effect not staying in the correct place in some cases
– Made background particles appear & disappear correctly when toggling the corresponding option in the settings menu
– You can now adjust the game’s window size when in windowed mode by pressing Control + 1/2/3 etc (this might become a proper settings option eventually)
– Fixed a crash in Ultimate Maze (probably not fully)
– Reduced Garden’s required level count for clearing
– Fixed background particles in one particular case appearing wrong
– Added 3 new levels! I’ll try to refrain from adding any more because that’s not very elegant, but here we are for now. You can find one of them in Rocket Trip as a variant for Horror Story.
– Changed “Force default colours” to “Force high-contrast colours” and made the setting use a slightly altered palette. This’ll be adjusted further in the future if needed.
– “Fixed” a bug with Empty (that is, added a solution that doesn’t fix it fully but makes it less of an issue)
– Started implementing a larger code structure related to Empty in preparation for future use and to fix a particular bug
– Swapped the order of Garden’s extra levels since it makes much more sense that way
– Made control icon positioning work even if the player adjusts the zoom type during gameplay
– Added a pause menu control hint to Where Do I Go?
– Fixed level numbering in a lategame area
– Fixed the level cursor not recognizing a level in certain situations
– Fixed the undo & restart tips appearing wrong
– Got All This Stuff Here completely redesigned! The old puzzle was broken in multiple ways and caused crashes. The replacement is called Ruined Orchard.
– Adventurers redesigned; the idea is the same but in a less frustrating configuration
– Actually fixed the undo/restart message
– Fixed multiple syntaxes that worked despite not being supposed to (Baba Not Is You and so on)
– Fixed completed level outline effect appearing wrong for some players
– Made certain directional rulewords work slightly more consistently
– Made certain secrets behave more consistently
– Fixed a rare inconcistency in how Tele works
– Changed the way the game writes text in preparation for potential translations
– Fixed a situation where an object didn’t have a corresponding word
– Added a safety measure in cases where the game doesn’t know where to load the player into
– Fixed an issue where the game skipped the intro in certain circumstances
– Fixed an issue with undoing a Floating object being destroyed
– Fixed the area completion effect not staying in the right position in certain cases
– Fixed a case where the pause menu might not render text properly
– The game checks certain rules more thoroughly when you start a level
– Fixed a very very rare crash that mostly affected only my own development work
– Added a safety feature that makes the game not break if the player’s files are encoded in ANSI and not UTF-8
– Fixed the final instance of inconsistent level placement
– Fixed a couple cornercases with  conditional rules
– Made certain lategame visual elements easier to read
– Fixed a very specific functionality related to Open/Shut

Level adjustments:

– Dead End
– Lock the Door
– Vital Ingredients
– A Way Out?
– Another Way
– Ghost Friend
– Pillarwork
– Entropy
– Horror Story
– Trapped
– Heavy Cloud
– Torn Apart
– Tangle
– Grand Stream
– Tectonic Movements
– Across
– Power Generator
– Bottleneck (adjusted to be slightly more forgiving)
– Seeking Acceptance
– Lovely House (removed a potential red herring)
– Skull House (removed a potential red herring)
– Heavy Words (removed a confusing extra structure)
– Got All This Stuff Here (see above)
– Adventurers (see above)
– Automaton
– Entropy
– Parade
– ???
– Condition
– Rocky Road (tiny readability improvement)
– Thicket (made Make’s functionality easier to figure out)
– Meta (just a small readability adjustment)
– Hostile Environment (not extremely happy about this adjustment)
– Delicate Star
– One-way Entrance
– Sky Hold