Jump On Mushrooms: The Game

This is an experimental game I created in 2 days just to try out the idea. The game is rather glitchy and ugly, since it was done in a hurry. The Readme contains all the needed files, so make sure you check it out!

Screenshots: 1 2 3

Download Jump On Mushrooms: The Game.

The game was also mentioned in a Swedish gaming magazine Super Play! Thanks to DimJimma at The Indie Gaming Source for telling me this! :)

The Mushroom Engine
Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren was interested in the mushroom concept, and wanted to remake the game, this time with his awesome skills. I of course helped him a bit, but he did all the really hard work. The game also has some very cool musics, made by D_Fast!
Basically this is the same game as Jump On Mushrooms: The Game, but it has more everything, and also a level editor. Once again, all the important information is in the Readme.

Screenshot: 1

Download The Mushroom Engine.