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Progress post #122: Languages

Finally got to stream a bit again. I’ve been getting tired quite early lately, which is good for purposes of going to sleep at a reasonable time, but less ideal for purposes of getting streaming done.

In any case, streaming happened today! It was a short one, less than 2 hours, but I got some really neat stuff relating to Baba’s translation done. Certain languages will need using a special font instead of the game’s in-built, hand-drawn one, and this stream was spent on implementing the rendering of said special font. Tedious and at times frustrating stuff, but everything went really smoothly here in the end which was a really welcome surprise!

Really looking forward to getting this part of the development handled. This Autumn is looking to become extremely, extremely busy, because I’ll have to finish some very important university-related work. We’ll see how that goes; it might be that I’ll have to postpone some Baba-related work in order to get certain courses done with dignity (or even just done, haha.)


Yay! Paintings after a long break! I’m trying to get back to this hobby – it’s really hard to start painting but once I do get started, it’s fun (if a bit scary, generally you can’t really fix watercolour paintings later.)