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Slightly more weekly progress post #97: Discord >:O

Hey! I actually managed to stream on two consecutive weeks! Maybe this is a sign of a brighter future.

I set up a Discord yesterday, comment below if you want a link to it I guess.

Today’s stream was somewhat slow but I still got some handy stuff implemented. I worked on some more map stuff on Baba, and while the map’s low FPS annoys me a lot, the actual thing I set out to do seemed to work! I also started implementing two other things but hesitated because I realized I want to keep the secret.

I also worked on the penguin thing, although admittedly I made less progress than I originally intended. Walljumping was added along with some new assets, but there are some structures that I need to implement soon to get forward with the project.

I think a result of setting up the Discord was there being more people on the stream – there was some nice discussion! Thank you very much for that. :)

“”Weekly”” progress post #96: Sideprojects

I’ve had a little sideproject going for a bit and it needs to be finished pretty soon so for the past couple weeks I’ve been concentrating on that instead of Baba; apart from some polish and bugginess most of what I want to have in Baba before GDC is there which is great! March will probably absolutely terrifyingly busy so getting any errant projects out of the way beforehand seems like a good plan.

Anyway! During today’s stream I drew some more art for the project shown above (more info coming soon) and added a new level to Baba. It feels funny and fun to do higher-resolution art for a change; apart from animation I’m enjoying it a lot! Very different.

Things are very exciting right now! Sadly a lot of the excitement will become more available to others at a later date, but at least I can post gamedev updates every now and then. Once things settle down a bit I’ll count how many weekly streams I’ve missed and do some kinda marathon, that might be fun. Sorry!!