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Weekly progress post #92: The Big Day… and maps

Alright! Obviously the announcement of Baba was the BIG THING today, but as it turns out I also had the opportunity to stream a bit. Working out how I want the map system to work & accounting for various oddities the users might end up doing with the level editor is fairly tedious but I think I got a good chunk of that handled today. Getting this whole part of Baba’s development behind me is going to be great, although I’m already feeling that the current system is too hacky/rigid so some refactoring might need to take place between now and the game’s eventual release. Eugh. Still, progress!!

People were wondering when I’d return to ESA 2, and while I’m pretty happy to be able to say that it’s officially on a hiatus (mainly in order to avoid extra stress from having to worry about keeping it worked on while concentrating so heavily on Baba) I want not to disappoint those who originally got interested in my works via ESA. So I think I’ll stream some ESA2 dev sometime soon, even if the actual hiatus won’t end until next March or so. Sorry. At least people have seemed understanding, which is very kind & nice.

Baba Is You’s trailer!!

Woop! It’s here! I’ve now decided that Baba Is You will be released in Summer, 2018, and the game also has an official website and Steam page now; go wishlist it, you!!

Steam page:
Press kit:

Weekly progress post #91: Paths

Today’s stream was slightly aimless & quiet, but I feel that I still got a whole lot done.

I started work on custom object sprites; the idea is that in the finished game the player can make levels with custom objects, and part of this system is the ability to change their spriting. This feature makes also my own work easier, because with it I can make themed levels without having to hard-code every object.

The other big thing tonight was the implementation of “paths”, i.e. routes that connect levels together, seen in the gif above. I’ve always really liked Super Mario World/3 maps and hopefully these new paths allow making more appealing and compositionally sound maps. The idea is that I’ll divide the current large map into several sub-maps, so there is well enough space for a little aesthetical polish like this.

I think I’m only 2 updates behind now?