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Weekly progress #41: Ruins

Today I worked a bit on the ruins area. I’ve got to admit that there’s currently such a huge amount of little glitches, bugs etc along with unfinished content that it’s starting to tax on my motivation. I guess I should take a couple days just fixing all the bugs I currently have on my todo list along with polishing stuff I’m not content with; however, that doesn’t sound very motivating in itself so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, a new enemy got added along with a new room! Also some bugs were fixed and certain earlier areas got a bit more polish. The chat was fairly active and that was great! :)

Weekly progress post #40: No, you work on boss today

I didn’t have very clear plans on what to work on tonight as I had spent most of my time working on other things, but the next boss was a very simple candidate and thus I turned my attention towards it. This ended up taking nearly all of the stream, but such is life! I’ll try to work on the boss more off-stream to preserve at least a little bit of surprise. In the end of the stream there was a Very Special sneak peek at a very early mockup of a possible song to be used in the game! More on the audio side of things as I get closer to an official trailer.

Weekly progress post #39: Sealife

Today’s stream went by fairly quickly, but 2 new enemies and 1 new room were added! I’m very happy about both enemies aesthetically. From here onwards I haven’t designed room layouts beforehand at all, so right now I’m a bit uncertain as to what kind of areas should come next. I’ll probably do a bit of planning before the next stream so that progress on the game map wont slow down. I intended to do a bit of work on the next boss & implement some stuff to Snake Game, but neither things happened. Oh well!!

Also the results of the US election are very scary. I hope things wont get too horrifying and that Trump wont destroy too much of the progress in human rights etc. that have accumulated in recent years. :(

Weekly progress post #38: Boss and dworfs

Worked more on the new plant boss in ESA 2. There were some graphical and design-related issues that I struggled to solve and ultimately the boss as it is now feels somewhat lacking. I hope I can figure out ways to help that, though!

I also worked a bit on a project I haven’t shown off before this; I’ll try to avoid working on it on-stream too much, though, because it’s essentially a sideproject that I enjoy adding things to and the stream should be reserved for games that actually need work!