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Weekly progress post #37: Boss tyme!!

Yay! Spent today’s stream working on a new boss for ESA 2! The bosses in this game are much much larger than most of the ones in ESA 1, and working on them (and especially the graphical assets) takes a lot more time; luckily though I got a pretty nice ‘feel’ for this boss so it shouldn’t take too much tweaking to get it to work nicely.

At the beginning of the stream I also fixed some bugs in the map generator. That one is also coming along sweetly right now! :)

Weekly progress post #36: Got things done!

Today’s stream was very productive! 3 new enemies were added (although two were variations of the same enemy), a new room was implemented and a new trap was introduced to the game. The chat was also fairly active, which is always neat. The swamp area I’m working on right now is a very enjoyable biome; making it will probably be a joy(??)

I also worked on the map generator a bit at the end of the stream! Neat to get something done on that as well for a change.

Weekly progress post #35: Ugly pipes

Tonight’s stream was a Bad Pixel Art Stream; I wanted to do some assets for ESA 2 but ended up having to go with somewhat unfinished & unpleasant ones because I couldn’t get them to look right. Other than that progress was slowish but I added a new room, some new visual effects and a new enemy, along with implementing more of the weapon-changing element of the game! Next up will be a boss-fight, too!

Weekly progress post #34: Headache!!

Ugh!! Got a headache which really slowed things down, and on top of that Twitch behaved strangely, leading to the stream cutting for some time. Still, I got a new room semi-done along with little tweaks here and there (such as updating what were previously laser beams to visually more interesting blue flares, as well as spriting some new plants). Also did some very very preliminary work on Snake Game after a long break. Hopefully next week will be more productive!