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Weekly progress post #28: Animating rotating shields is difficult

I finished a largeish, spoilery cutscene I had started working on outside of the stream, added a new room and implemented 2 new enemies! I’m a bit unsure as to how to approach some of the new rooms, but I have a pretty good general idea (maybe) of how I’d like to game to progress from here.

I’m starting to feel a bit disappointed in certain game flow things, though; I’ll have to look at that at some point so that it wont become an actively progress-hindering factor. Mainly it feels like the player has a lot of mobility already at this point, and it’s hard to design interesting rooms and especially enemies to provide challenge but also be interesting! Also I’m a bit unsure about the game’s difficulty curve at the moment, but that’ll be handled during testing anyway.

No work on other projects today.

Weekly progress post #27: New area!!

Today’s stream was spent on an entirely new area in ESA 2! I added 3 new rooms, 2 new enemies and a new environmental hazard. The new area feels somewhat static right now but hopefully some animated machinery and such can alleviate that. Moving platforms are proving to be problematic once again, and a feature related to them I was planning for today didn’t make it. I’ll have to look at that later.

No work done on Map Generator or Snake Game, although I’ve worked a lot on the former during the past week.

Weekly progress post #26: Debris and more

Today I made the basics of a new tileset to the game; my intention was to get to work on a new area today but alas, things took a bit longer than I thought they would and I didn’t really feel too motivated to actually work on that. I added a new enemy type, shown above, along with random floating debris that can be seen while floating in space. I’ll have to draw quite a few variations of that, though.

I also worked some on the map generator, mostly fixing bugs. I feel simultaneously excited & intimidated by the things I’m working on right now in that project.

Weekly progress post #25: Barnacles!

There they are! I added 3 new enemies to ESA 2 today along with tiny tweaks. Making them took more time than I estimated, but it was fun and I finally got around to implementing a ricocheting effect for enemies with shells.

Snake game got also some early work on the player losing while inside their plane. Making a nice-looking effect for that will be really time-consuming, I’m afraid! Also fixed various smaller bugs here and there.
No map generator work tonight.