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Weekly progress post #24: Progress on all projects

Today’s ESA 2 progress was way slower than I’d have hoped, mainly due to a huge amount of tiny annoying glitches related to the new feature I’ve been working on. I tinkered with those and added some new content but ultimately gave up on trying to get everything working and instead decided to look at the glitches outside of the stream.

Snake game saw a return since I had figured out a way to fix a really horrible crashng bug in it! I spent most of the stream implementing features of the Snake Game engine in lua, but progress was fairly good and the attempted lua fix seems to do what it’s meant to, namely increase the FPS (although I had MMF’s debugger open while testing for a long time and interpreted the related slowdown as indicative of additional needed optimization). There were a couple weird and potentially annoying glitches left in the game after the conversion was done, but hopefully those can be ironed out.

Map generator saw the addition of lighthouses! That is all.

Weekly progress post #23: Design issues

In today’s stream I ended up having to give up my original plans due to a particularly nasty design issue. I might have an idea of how to fix it thanks to Mokesmoe suggesting neat solutions, but I’ll have to implement that still and it probably wont be nice! I ended up working more on little details and adding a bunch of powerups along with polishing certain bits that needed it. In the end progress was pretty nice overall. I also implemented a bit of stuff for the world generator, but again public opinion made me turn back to ESA 2 after a while.

Weekly progress post #22: Boss things

Today I managed to finish the third and final boss of the first “part” of ESA 2! There’s still a bit of work to be done on the visuals of the boss itself along with some extra cutscenery, but after that it’ll be time to leave the first area of the game for a good while! I’m happy about finally getting this far while simultaneously feeling sared about the scope of the game. Hopefully things will go at least somewhat smoothly in the future…

Weekly progress post #21: Boss things!

Today’s stream was spent on a new boss in ESA 2! This one is possibly somewhat “nostalgic” for players of ESA and will also hold some (hopefully) neat plot importance. I got the basic structure of the fight working fairly quickly, but the arena and everything related to the encounter is really bare-bones and in need of heavy polish.

I started the stream with the map generator but quickly changed to ESA 2 due to people mentioning wanting to see it being worked on, haha. Apparently the stream was also picked as a “community pick”, meaning that it was showing as the “main” stream of the #gamedev tag. Cool??