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Weekly progress post #3: Headache and animated tiles

So yeah, I felt pretty awful last evening due to a headache; I tend to get those a couple times a month due to forgetting to sit in a good posture, and they usually require a good night’s sleep to go away. The stream ended up being shorter than usual due to this and I ended it rather abruptly.

Nevertheless, the progress was surprisingly ok! I added the basics of a new room, fixed some bugs in enemy behaviour and added some new much-needed tiles, among them some random animated stuff that will be useful in livening up the rooms. Also I finally made metal pipe tiles that I’m somewhat happy with; the earlier attempts were horrendous. Next up will be a new powerup and a boss fight, which will replace the previously-implemented Skullspider as the first one in the game. I’ve some plans for Skullspider, though – it was probably too hard as a first boss anyway.

Weekly progress post #2: More weird critters

A bit more productive of a stream! I a new enemy and these weird cocoon things for spawning certain other enemies; a new room was also added although it’s very bare-bones right now. I’m still toying around with the player’s physics, and it definitely feels like they will need more work before they’ll feel really properly nice. Getting closer to a new boss and the first real powerup of the game; it’ll be interesting to see how long it’ll take me to get those implemented, seeing how little time I’ve had for my game projects.

I also worked a bit on the snake game, fixing some bugs and adding a feature that’ll allow making better cutscenes; the game’s still a bit hard to work on on-stream because the engine is pretty complicated.

Also did some early touches to a little side-project; hopefully that’ll become properly streamable soon!

Weekly progress post #1: Weird critters

Yes! Let’s do this! From now on I’ll try to do a weekly blog post after every weekly stream to summarize what I’ve been working on and overall discuss the progress of the games I’ve been working on. Expect pretty tiny amounts of information, though, because it’s somewhat rare for me to be able to implement a larger thing on any given week. Whatever!!

This week I’ve worked mostly on the new metroidvania and a bit on the Snake Game; the former was, as usual, the thing I streamed development for. I added a new enemy, tweaked some platforming elements and added a new cutscene (placeholder). Progress was a bit slower than I would’ve hoped; I got kind of stuck on trying to find a cool design for the new enemy among other things. The design I settled on will fit a certain later enemy better but it’ll do for now. I really need to make some new “starter” enemies to set the mood, kinda like how those crawlers work in ESA.