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Exile game jam 2015!

Spent the last week in Denmark jamming with various indie people, and it was a lot of fun! Saw some of the most immersive gaming experiences I’ve ever had while also having some nice saunas and making some silly games. Nice!

I made two games; the one I’m more proud of is called Layers and it’s a silly little music thing. It was fun to make and I’m happy I got to do some composing work. Left & Right arrow keys to move, Up to jump, Down to pick up & drop things. There are 2 secret characters, can you find them?


(Win only, sorry)

The other thing is even sillier; it’s a simple chess game with some physics added in.

Jams are always a wonderful way to concentrate on something lighter every now and then. (Although I got a pretty bad flu so it might take some time to get back to normal productivity levels.)