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Weekly updates to come!! Maybe!!!

Once my current projects get far enough to be worth posting about, I’ll start making weekly updates on this blog along with the weekly stream. Or at least try to. It’d be nice to get some more activity here and it’d help with combining my thoughts about recent developments. Woo


I’m not dead! Just tired.

I’ve been streaming weekly throughout the Summer, and since there have been no big announcements to make or new games to reveal (yet), I’ve been forgetting to update this blog. I’ll try to get back to it, and hopefully soon enough there’ll be a new game to make proper updates about. I have a lot of ideas, though, and I’m not sure if I can really make all of them.

The political/economical/humanitarian problems around the world and here in Finland have made life pretty anxious at times, and that has sometimes drained a lot of my energy to work on games – especially since it feels that it’d be nice to actually help people who’re suffering right now, which games do only on a relatively superficial level. It’s a dilemma I’ll have to live with, I suppose.

Anyway! I’m going to update things more once I have things to update about, but fear not, things are under development. I’m also working on some comics :)