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ESA pre-release stream on youtube


Environmental Station Alpha has been released on Steam!

Wooo! After 3 years of work it’s finally here (or there?)


New trailer for ESA + some other info

One week left until release! That’s pretty cool, also really really scary in many ways. I hope I can build up enough interest for the game so that it doesn’t fall into obscurity instantly. Not very good at this kinda stuff, nope!


The game will cost 8 dollars and have a 10% discount for the first week.
Check out the store page again:


In other news, Ludum Dare #32 will be around next weekend, and despite the pressure of the upcoming release I’m going to (try to) participate! I have some ideas that I think could be neat. We’ll see!


Yup, 3 weeks left until the release of Environmental Station Alpha! Pretty sweet, although I’m scared of what’ll happen and how thing’s go after that. Oh well.

Anyway, here’s a dumb teaser gif of a powerup, The Bike! I’ll be posting a GIF every weekday (at least) until the release of the game.