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Ludum Dare #31 results!

So, the voting for Ludum Dare #31 ended last night, and the results seem really nice! The theme was “Entire Game on One Screen“, and my game was called Where They Once Were.

1st place in Mood
3rd place in Graphics
10th place Overall

Considering there were over 2500 entries, I’d say this was a pretty good result! :) Thanks to everyone who voted.



Environmental Station Alpha has been Greenlit!!!


The game’s now to be officially published on Steam! No further information about the date or anything else available yet, sorry about that, but at least the uncertainty of Greenlight is behind us. Thanks to everyone who participated in getting the game through the treacherous depths!

Greenlight Page

Also happy new year to everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t manage the original aim of release during 2014, but alas, there was a lot of stuff related to the publication not under my control so hopefully that explains it a bit. Hopefully?



Dumb Cutscene Editor

Making cutscenes in MMF 2 is really tedious, so I’ve been tinkering with a general cutscene editor that could export a kind of a cutscene file that could be interpreted by my games. It’s been fun to work on this and I hope the final result is robust enough to be actually useful!

EDIT: Tested porting the cutscene engine to a different game and it works!! This is going to be amazingly handy :)

I don’t even know


Made as a tribute for a fellow coder

Where They Once Were post-compo version

That didn’t take long! I added another ending and sounds (courtesy of, see the Credits.txt for details), and I think the game feels much much better atmosphere-wise now.


The Ludum Dare page of the game (old version)

Ludum Dare #31

It was Ludum Dare time again! The theme (Entire Game On One Screen) garnered rather high amounts of criticism, and I’ve got to admit that initially I found it a tough one due to it not fitting any of the ideas I had before the compo began. However, whereas usually if I’m not inspired right when the compo begins I tend not to be able to gather motivation later on either, this time I got an idea after ditching all my original ones and it stuck.
Usually my LD games tend to be heavy on content and light on visuals, but this time that was different, too – the game’s all about atmosphere and while there’s very little to do, I think it works on some level. I had to leave out some stuff I originally planned to do, but I’m considering possibly making an ‘extended’ version for the 72-hour jam. Sound effects would be a wonderful bonus!

My game’s called Where They Once Were (I dislike the title but I didn’t have time to change it!!) It’s a survivalish horrorish thing where you control an anonymous woman taking refuge in a weird abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere. There are 3 endings, although 2 of them are more like variations of a game over screen. There’re some light puzzle elements, but I think the game can be enjoyed without caring about them.

Visit the game’s LD page!


Here’s also the timelapse video (full playthrough at the end:)