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Another stream!

I’ll be streaming ESA again tomorrow 1.7. at 11 PM (GMT/UTC)! The channel is the same, :) I’m going to show off the water area and just in general play through the game. Spoilers! Excitement! Embarrassing bugs I’ve forgotten to fix! Be there!

In other news (still ESA-related, though), I finished the final phase of the final boss! There’s still stuff to be done on that bossfight (mainly cutscene-related), but at least the biggest hurdle is behind now.


EDIT: And we’re done! Watch the stream here:

ESA stream?!?

I’ll be trying to stream ESA today 26.6. at 11 PM (GMT). The stream wont be recorded so be there in time! The channel will be .

The final boss is slowly getting there but the pace of my game development has been horribly slow. Sorry about that! :(


EDIT: Turns out one can just turn recording on at will. Watch the stream here:



Yay! I haven’t painted in half a year, and it felt really good to do so again. Too bad the break can be seen in the quality of the piece, but I like it anyway.

ESA submitted to IndieCade

So I was asked to consider submitting ESA to the IndieCade event (, and after some confusion about the entry fee and the nature of the thing I did send the game to the judges. Hopefully they’ll find it enjoyable, although I have hard time imagining a retro metroidvania doing very well at larger-scale competitions these days.

In other news, I have been having some ~~real-life obstacles~~ lately which have reduced my will to work on games for the time being a lot. I’m pretty sure this is temporary (and I have plenty of ideas), but for now working on existing projects will be somewhat slowish until I get things sorted out. I think I have a pretty nice plan for ESA’s final boss’ final form, and to be honest I kind of look forward to spriting it!