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ESA played with a classic gamepad!

Was testing this today; it’s cool! Although the d-pad is a bit finicky, but that’s not really the game’s fault.

Excavatorrr reviewed by IndieImpression!

Now this was sweet, Nick Reineke at IndieImpression made a really cool video showcasing the game, also saying that he might stream it in the future. Thanks, Nick! And thanks, those of you who read this blog, too :)

There are a bunch of things to be fixed in the game, but I decided to release a small patch that fixes at least something; I made it so that there’s a new option to disable submitting scores altogether, and made it so that the game is able to automatically enter the last nickname the player has used. Handy!

Get the new version here!


Aaand here’s the video review. Good stuff!

ESA milestone!

I’m getting close to 100% rooms done; the only thing left is redoing those few temple rooms left (and adding some secret things if I feel like it). If I keep up the pace, the game could be done level-wise next week! After that it’ll be all about bosses, ending cutscenes and quality-of-life things!

News and stuff

I feel that I remember to update the ESA twitter and TIGforums devlog more often than this blog. Sorry about that! I’ve tried to focus on ESA to get that out of the way, to put it rudely.

Have a GIF!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post is that I want to gather some opinions on CWOUN. Mainly, I’d like those 3 of you who read this blog to answer the following question:

What are the hardest things in the game AKA What thing(s) kill you most often?

I’d like to eventually start updating that game again, and it’d be neat to make it a bit more accessible. Comment on this post if you feel like it!

Also check out these amazing CWOUN fan-arts:

(Source: imgur, drawn by Meh)