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So, I was in the Aalborg University in Copenhagen from thursday to sunday, making games and meeting cool (and occasionally less cool) people. I managed to finish two small games during the 48h game jam, one of which got music done by Joonas Turner! For reasons not related to me I didn’t get to submit my games to the voting process, but all in all I was really happy with both. However, the most important thing for me was the social aspect; I had sauna with cool people, had drinks with cool people, slept at cool people’s place and overall cool people were all around me all the time. It seems that Swedish/Danish indie developers are much cooler people than the Finnish ones – there appears to be a trend of more social and open behaviour! I wonder…


Cheesy name aside, KARZ is a very simple arcadey arena thing where 1-2 players drive cars around a level and destroy other vehicles with HUGE SWORDS. It’s pretty hard, but I & the guys I played it with found it quite satisfying to play, which is cool. The visuals are intentionally very simplistic and weird, I didn’t really care about graphics here. The players have to cooperate, but they also compete in terms of score. Music done by Joonas Turner.

This game requires a gamepad/joystick! Xbox 360 controller recommended.




It’ll End Tonight
Artsy pretentious artgame with a deep message and ugly visuals. I had a simple idea and decided to get it done in about 8 hours. Overall I’m pretty happy with the result, though – I think the atmosphere works. It takes only about a minute to play through the game, so I recommend checking it out. Controls are WASD + Mouse, although joystick/gamepad is supported and even encouraged. For pads, move with left stick and use stuff with Button 1. Button 6 (right shoulder button) also does stuff.