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So, about that IGF…

…I didn’t actually make it. Technically, at least. I couldn’t get OA done to a passable point in time, so I sent the same version as last year. Thanks for help with submitting the game, Petri!

More ESA + IGF

So there.

IGF deadline is on the 17th, and I’ve been working on the updated, physics-based version of Officer Alfred in order to get some kind of a test version for the competition. At the moment I’m still a bit unsure whether I’ll be able to get anything done in time, but the game’s level editor is looking pretty snazzy already:

Back to work (again!)

Yay. Finally finished that 7th boss for ESA, and started work with the temple area For Reals this time. Behold:

The reason for this huge pause in development is that I’ve been a lot more social this autumn than ever before. It’s kind of cool, I like it. But yeah, it also eats my dev time.