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Well then. I’ve had to stop working on ESA for the time being because I don’t have a job this summer and thus need to earn my money some other way. I’ll try to make some simple flash thing so that I don’t starve or whatever. Hopefully I’ll be back to work on ESA in a month or so.

Environmental Station Alpha keeps going

Yaay, more enemies.

Also, this year’s No More Sweden is slowly approaching – the event will be 20th of July. If you live near Malmö, Sweden, I suggest that you visit the event website!

Uh. Weird.

So then. I just finished level 14 of Beyond the Black Hole, that endless project of mine. The engine is, as I’ve stated previously, very very awful, but the game has some really neat things going on so I really want to finish it. I think I’ll try to finish 20 or so levels and then call the game finished. I’ll definitely want to re-revisit the concept later, though, because it allows for a lot of creative freedom.

It took me 17 months to finish this one level. Cool? Nope.

Oh, and also, I’ve been adding parallax scrolling to Environmental Station Alpha. Like so: