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Cloud Realm!

Too busy to write anything new, so copying from other places:
I made the game Cloud Realm! In the game you control a boy with a glider-type apparatus and fight against a huge robo-serpent thing. There’s only one enemy due to running out of time, but in my opinion the atmosphere & controlling of the glider work pretty neatly and thus I’m pretty happy with the game. There’s also some sort of a “backstory” or “interactive intro cutscene”, although in hindsight I have no idea what I was thinking there. I’d definitely love to make a larger game out of this, but I’m also quite sure that this kind of gameplay would be best fit to be made in flash. Maybe this is the True Motivator for me to learn Actionscript?

A & D – move around
W, SPACE & Left mouse – jump when not flying
ESC – skip the first part of the game (in case you want to get to the action quickly)

Left mouse – shoot while flying
Right mouse or E – leave a bomb while hanging from a surface
Space – cling to a surface and jump off it, more about this in the in-game instructions

In the game you’re controlling a glider-ish vehicle, so horizontal momentum matters a lot – you glide when your horizontal momentum is high, but start losing altitude when you slow down. However, diving a bit and then accelerating makes you gain height. This may need some trying but you have infinite retries!!

All this is also explained in the in-game instruction screen. Shouldn’t be too weird.



Here’s also a timelapse for the game:


Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes left, and I’m quite far into my project. I think I’ll make it! After finishing this, however, I have to return to work on school stuff. The joy!

Ludum Dare #23

Well then, this week is Ludum Dare week! It’s time for the 10th anniversary of this funny game competition. Unfortunately for me the theme, Tiny World, isn’t very inspiring, and I’ve wasted a day already, but I think I’m getting somewhere nonetheless.

Like so:

This article may be a very interesting read

Environmental Station Alpha on Indiegames blog

Well, John Polson had an interview with me and put it up on the ~everyone’s favourite~ Indiegames blog. Thanks, John!

Find it through this link!