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Nordic Game Jam stuff

Jwaap and his crew did the greatest jam game ever! And I did musics for it. Also earned a ton of useful knowledge this year.

Play my JAM game

Play a trippy art game

Play INFINITE SWAT, the game I made musics for and worked on with JW, Ciro and Rami!

(NOTE! They ALL require XBOX 360 controllers!)


Nordic Game Jam

Well then, I’m now in Denmark, hanging with cool people and being the hugest nerd in the universe. What fun! Also making games.



Play this game here

So, Treasure Adventure Game by Robit Studios is a lot of fun and I recommend it wholeheartedly. The engine is a bit weird & clumsy at times and the quality of the pixel work varies from amazing to really poor (I think there were several pixel artists at work here?), but overall the experience is really solid and fun. Also the game takes place in an environment I’ve myself sought to use eventually; the wind wakerish endless ocean.


Well, unsurprisingly Officer Alfred didn’t get nominated in the IGF 2012. Oh well!

Ding Dong


Some stuff