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Masjin 1.9b

The old port (65002) was broken, so I had to make this quickfix to migrate to 6121. Also a couple bugs are fixed, but all in all there isn’t much new.

Masjin server port has changed, duh!

The old port was 65002. It turns out Jamie changed this to 65000, which is of course a much neater and rounder number. Once I get the editor done I’ll put up a version with this changed.

(alternate ‘good’ ports are 6121 and 6122)


Version 1.9 is out! After a week-long battle with the server it’s finally here; though since I didn’t want to delay it further, most of the bigger promised additions are absent. Changelog:

* New server build! This is most probably a good thing, and will later allow IP-bans and such.
* Dedicated server! Thanks, Jamie and Mathias, you guys rock!
* New research subject – shopping time for the engineers!
* Ninja cloak was removed from research; it’s now available right away.
* Various bugfixes
* If a player breaks down (is left swimming mid-air, immortal etc), the game attempts to remove them so that they can’t spoil the game for others.
* Emoticons (sorta!) – push number buttons and experience beauty!
* Something else, possibly, can’t just remember what



In other news, Once in Space was reviewed at!

Abloobloo Lacewing build #19

So, the creator of Lacewing, Jamie, has updated the network extension to a new version, with a lot of new stuff to have fun with. Problem is, there are still some little bugs and at the moment Masjin can’t really be updated until he fixes certain data-sending related things. I was quite worried today when the game suddenly stopped working, but I’ll try to contact him tomorrow.

Masjin gets publicity, sweet!

I noted a couple days ago that Masjin was mentioned (again) on the indiegames blog, and now there has also been a mention at Rock, Paper, Shotgun! Sweet stuff, thanks for informing me about these.

Indieblog link
RPS link

Masjin 1.8b

Ok, here it is.
* Added banning! Banned players are put into a blacklist in the game folder, so you can conveniently remove them if needed. Type ‘/ban USERNAME’ in-game to ban a player. Due to me using an outdated version of Lacewing, bans are username-based so they’re VERY easy to dodge. Working on that; I’ll try to update Lacewing and hope it doesn’t break everything.
* Mucus grenade buffed significantly, maybe even too significantly!
* Engineer’s shop changed a lot; now you need to stand still a while before you get to the shop, but at least the prices are back to normal.
* Added two more slopes to the builder.
* Joining a game should be much less of a hassle. I fear though that there might be bugs in this.

Yes indeed