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Masjin 1.4b

Ehh, it seems like I can’t stop updating this one, haha.
New stuff:
– New item, the mucous grenade (I actually misspelled that one but it kind of fits, still). It slows people down; mainly created against the speed+ chip.
– Speed+ chip has been returned back to its former glory due to player feedback.
– The mines now remember who put them down, so there should be no more ‘killed by !’ -messages on that part. There’s still the same bug with some other weapons, though.
– New gamemode, ‘Ore race’! I fear this may be magnificently boring, but I kind of like the idea so we’ll see what happens! The idea is to collect all the ore. As an interesting sidenote, I haven’t tested if it’s winnable, derp.
– Some small bugfixes.
– More domination lines; 5 in total. Some people are really good at this game, huh. Undecided
– You can see every player’s skill streak in the in-game status window.

Also some new bugs that I need to pin down for version 1.5.

Not so final version after all!

A small patch to Masjin. Changelog:
Fixed a couple more bugs
Turrets have been buffed
Speed+ chip has been nerfed
There’re now 3 items that become invisible with the ninja cloak; they’ve been marked with a small ninja head (It may be that the ninja is now insanely overpowered!)
Radar radius has been increased
cybermasons can now fix turrets by standing next to them (hopefully this doesn’t make them too OP; we’ll see)
The safety blocks can be turned off when hosting a game
Balanced the audio a bit
More price balancing

Final Version of Masjin

Ok, here it is! Who am I lying – this isn’t the last version, since there are still features to add! However, this version should be final in terms of gameplay sans some tiny tweaks like balancing. New things to this version are:
Player profiles
Profile-specific statistics for your delight
New, improved menus
A proper readme (WOAH)
Musics and more sound effects
In-game summary thing (accessible via SPACE)
Some bugfixes
Some price balancing
Builders can now build ramps

The music was composed by Artem Bank, going by the name Shojin in the internets!

Much ado about Masjin

Heyhey, added two new things today – the profile thing and an in-game status screen. Behold! I need still to colour the names according to team, though.
I need still to colour the names according to team, though!
You no longer get kills by committing suicide!

Masjin, o Masjin

I decided that that game ought to be finished for good, so I made a list of things that still have to be added and started working on them. Here’s the list:
Level editor
In-game status/game data screen
Player ‘accounts’ and then status pages for them
Diagonal tiles for the builder (finally!)
Musics & sound effects
Proper readme & some more stuff into the main menus
Post-game summary for a finished round

I already implemented the diagonals, as seen here (the ugly grey box has to be there, unfortunately :()

Currently I’m working on the level editor. It’s relatively simple though there are some things I need to think about before implementing. Sneak peek:

Woop Woop Woop

Once again, I lied. My motivation has been really low lately. Hopefully I’ll get something done soon, though.

On another note, I am now a University student! Yaaay – this Autumn I’ll be studying some hardcore psychology.