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Uh oh

The thing has now been approved for bidding! Now let’s hope for the best.

EDIT: Also I have an important exam today and tomorrow. Ugghhhh

I lied!

Well, seems like isn’t liking my account at the moment, so I’ll need to wait until I can do what I planned to do yesterday.

Ludum Dare results!

So hey cool, Officer Alfred was fourth in the recent Ludum Dare #20 contest. It also got to the top 10 in the categories Overall, Innovation and Fun (I think).

See it yourself here!
Now go buy me a cake!

On another note, there’ll be another post later today. Oh boy!


I’ve been hugely busy with exams lately, but I’m glad to inform you (?) that I’m indeed working on games. After next tuesday I’ll have more than enough time to finish some game-related stuffery. Let’s have an inventario:

Masjin: The game is approaching a state I’d be willing to call ‘somewhat finished’. It has been fun to work on the game, but I think I’ll want to move on soonish. My intention at the start was to work it to the stage where I can show it off on some lanparties or jams, and I think I achieved that! :)

Beyond the Black Hole: Haven’t forgot this, no! The engine is starting to get quite rusty and I strongly dislike the way I made the game work. However, since I’ve already made it this far I certainly want to finish it at some point.

Once in Space (Flash): I haven’t posted about this, but I thought of redoing my first game on the website, this time without stupid bugs and bad design, and fully in flash! I don’t want to spend ages on this project, though, so expect to see something done pretty fast.

Officer Alfred (Flash): In works; I have nice plans for this but it’ll have to wait for until I have OiS out. I want to redo the whole game with a better story and level design. This wont be a very big game in the end, but enough that I can deliver the story I want and present the puzzles I’ve got in my mind.

Paradise Fort (Flash): Has been a bit frozen due to me not being in contact with sereneworx; also I’m concentrating on other stuff currently.

Also there are a couple smaller things I’ve been pondering; maybe I’ll write more elaborately about them later. After playing a lot of Steamlands by Nitrome (It’s a fantastic game, go play it!), I’ve been starting to look more to the way they develop games. Their ideas seem to be quite similar to mine, except better implemented in every possible way. Maybe I should try a similar, stricter schedule they use for developing games – it probably wouldn’t work, though.

Also I made a .gif. It’s not for anything, just felt like making it. It’s quite big so wait patiently.

~Officer Alfred~

First of all, I’ve noted that the anti-spam filter has been removing some completely OK comments! That’s a bit annoying. I need to start looking through them more carefully.

Ok, Ludum Dare 20 was last weekend. 48 hours with the theme “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”. I can’t say that I’d have liked the theme very much, it was one of the ‘funny’ themes added in by admins and somehow it did make it after all. Anyway, I did finish something even though I was horribly preoccupied with silly nuisances such as partying. The result is Officer Alfred, a simple and silly puzzle platformer that has serious inspiration from Portal and uses a game mechanic I’ve already used before (in Timerocketxby). Fully flash also!

Here’s also the timelapse and full playthrough vidja: