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There we go, another update for Masjin.
* Two new gamemodes, sandbox and ‘hold the flag’, the latter of which may be horribly broken!
* bugfixes
* Some price balancing

Bing bong, unless there’s some Really Really horribad bug in there that I’ve overlooked, this may be one of the last updates for Masjin for a while. I’ve got to work on some projects that I (currently) consider more urgent!

Taking a break from Masjin to work on other stuffery

So, after 3+ weeks of daily updates to Masjin, I’m having a break from it in order to work on other games. And study. I doubt anyone is reading this blog at this point, but let’s have a summary of projects:
Beyond the Black Hole: Kinda frozen again. I’m stuck in level 14, but I’m quite sure I’ll eventually finish this.
It’s a frickin’ cave: Frozen as well. The code is very sloppy and buggy so in order to keep working I should recode big parts of it. This makes me not want to continue.

Currently I’m concentrating on making Paradise Fort fully flash. I’m currently doing it as a collaboration with Jeanes, a friend(?) of mine who’s really good at graphical design and has done several really good games and would-be-games. As far as I know, he’s had a bit of problem with finding a coder, though.

Anyway, here’s how the game looks at the moment:


* Lots of bugfixes!
* New item, the levitating mine
* You can now select the shape of the level
* Pressing F1 in-game makes everyone update the flag positions
* Cybermasons now get money from kills.

Beautiful Spring

I just had an extremely enjoyable walkie with my dog. Spring is quickly progressing here in Finland, and it’s already warm enough to walk without a jacket (about +11 degrees celcius). We live on the northern side of a hill, so the snow melts really slowly here, but nevertheless there’s much less of it than a week or so ago. However, there’s a larger patch of it on the small field our neighbour owns, and our dog took his time to play around in the snow before we got home.
Our dog is a Tibetan Mastiff and weighs nearly 65 kilograms, so it’s pretty funny to see him rolling in the snow.

Masjin server down! …Is No Longer

It’s down. I’ll try to figure out why and for long, but try this server hosting app during that:

Here we go again, it was temporary.


* Capture the flag!
* A menu where you can set some parameters for the game before hosting.
* The game list now shows the number of players.
* The builder is now slightly faster.

Get it derp


* New logo
* Made the winning/losing screens better. Still needs a lot of work though!
* Balanced some prices
* Fixed bugs
* Players now get a radar in the beginning of the round, and dirt bombs don’t work at the control point.

Hopefully this bombardment of updates will slow down eventually so that I can make other blogposts as well!!


1.7 is now finished! Kinda cool, and seeing that I started counting at 1.46 or so the game has progressed quite a few versions! Anyway:

* Lowered prices again.
* Added two new research subjects, digging speed and healing. Also added one new level to ninja research.
* Made the poison more potent.
* New item, the dirt bomb!
* I redesigned the control point to make it less tight.
* Radar is now back, hopefully it works this time around.
* Bugfixes, mostly small but I hopefully fixed one bigger one, related to joining to games.

1.69c! What the darn

* Made the lobby even nicer
* Added the ninja
* Ninja cloaking is a research subject
* Fixed two really stupid bugs and a couple smaller ones
* Altered the prices a bit
* Added the poison bomb
* More bugfixes
* Another new item, the radar – reveals invisible units! This may be VERY VERY overpowered, though!
* More balancing to the ninja and such.
* Base code for the rest of the research subjects; they’re not implemented yet.


1.67, actually

* Bugfixes, such as the one related to turrets.
* Implemented the vehicle lock. Now all vehicles are ‘locked’ to their respective team, and the other team needs to ‘unlock’ them to get to use them. Unlocked vehicles are free-for-all, but the loyalty chip (below) can lock them again.
* A new item, the loyalty chip, that instantly makes a “teamless” machine locked to your team.
* You can now view a changelog for the new updates.
* Really unfinished research. You can currently only research bonus health up to 200 hp.
* Missiles now do more damage to people in vehicles.