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I’ve kept working on this LD game, hopefully I’ll get it finished in a few weeks. I’ve added a ton of stuff, but there’re still another five tons to add.

Here’s a small graph of the level structure I’ve intended:

Cliché? What cliché?

The Netherworld would be like a bonus area, something you’d sometimes find portals to. In the Netherworld you’d find a lot more portals, each either sending you further to the Netherworld or sending you to some level in the other areas. To avoid looping, it’d probably always send you to a later level than the one where you entered the Netherworld. In the end of the Netherworld you’d find some pretty difficult boss; I think that’d be pretty rewarding.

Each area lasts probably about 5 levels, the last of which contains some kind of a boss. There’d also be a chance to get some cool special areas, such as an ice area or an area with all the enemies brandishing a certain variation – currently I’ve implemented ice and fire variations of each enemy, but there’ll be more to come.

I’ll be blabbering about this here in the future, and below this paragraph you can play the game as it is currently; I’ll keep updating it. In case you don’t want to play the game in this blog, use THIS LINK

Ludum Dare #19 – ‘Discovery’

Herp a derp – I’ve been quite silent for some time but I can assure you that I’m working on stuff! Anyhow, Ludum Dare was this weekend and after some stressed pondering about a game idea I came up with one and actually finished the darn thing!
I made a silly little roguelikeish called It’s A Frickin’ Cave, and I think I’ll work it further since it plays quite nicely and just needs more content. The theme was ‘Discovery’, but I kind of forgot that during the action.

Play the game through THIS LINK! It’s all flash so don’t worry about downloading stuff!

I also made a neat timelapse of the game. There’s some gameplay footage in the end, too, so jump to 4:28 or so to see it!

Whoops, almost forgot a screenshot!