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KotMK #41

It’s half past 3 in the morning and I should be sleeping. Here’s the game:



The “game” is an online chat app so try to get a friend online too for maximum hilarity!


I just finished an art piece I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s really late, so maybe I’ll let DeviantArt speak for me:
“This is my work for the Arts Diploma course offered in our school. I made it mostly because it gave me a good reason to do a really big art piece, I’ve never done anything of this size. Also I quite think it’s my best piece this far. We had 6 themes to choose from, mine was “Mathematical art” and the inspirer was none other than M. C. Escher.

Making this took about 20 hours, maybe a bit less. We had one school course of time to finish this and the accompanying portfolio. Making the portfolio was quite a chore because it required us to explain what’s so special about our work, what is it’s “message”. I never think about stuff like that so creating some meaning wasn’t very fun.

Most of the work was made with paste colours, and the hexagonal structure was improved with some wood pencils. I also had to edit the pic a bit after scanning, because even though I used a high-quality scanning service, some of the brighter colours had turned to white. Quite annoying, hmph.”

So there. Click the image to see it in DA.


I finally, finally got that donation button going. I’m sorry, it’s paypal, but it’s still the easiest method around.


Too much stuff going on

Those… two(?) of you who’ve read the blog through may already have noticed the bane of my game-creation progress: I get projects going, they go nicely for a while and then WHOOP they give birth to two new, unrelated projects and the same continues until I finally manage to complete one of them and then leave the rest to die. I don’t like it, my morivation just kinda jumps from one thing to another. I hope something miraculous will happen in the future to cure this. Maybe I should just realize that one has to try to shamble through the tedious parts and not just seek fun in game creation?

Anyway, I’ll list my current stuff here:
Beyond the Black Hole: I’m quite confident I’ll eventually finish this, slowly though. I also thought of maybe redoing the current game to remove the keyboard control – it might be more appealing to Your Average Gamer if it was mouse-only.
World Generator: The generator itself is sleeping but I’m working on a game that might work with it. More about it later.
Excavatorrr 2: I have several ideas for this, but at the same I’m thinking that the game might benefit greatly from flash. However, several attempts with MMF 2 flash export have proven that I have to actually learn AS3 before I can get it to work without lag.
The ‘fourth’ thing I mentioned earlier quite much died in silence. I’m still adding some things to it but I don’t have high hopes about its survival.

Currently I’ve been looking forward to make some neat flash game so that I could try more the financial side of gaming. I wouldn’t want to actually sell games, that’d just lower the player interest and make me feel bad, but there’s a lot of money in flash games, even on the ad revenue level. I’ve been pondering several types of games, but my mind has lately settled to some sort of a castlevania/VVVVVV-like thing. Since we’re aiming for those silly casual gamers here, the game shouldn’t be too complicated to play, har har.
Part of the reason I posted those Apocalypse Adventure videos down there is because I’ve also been more interested in games with similar gameplay lately. Ideally, the World Generater Game would fill this slot very well, I’d just need to add some post-apocalyptic stuff to it, so I thought that since I’m working on that, I could use the same engine for a non-PCG game. There’s not much of it yet, however, I’ve been concentrating on graphics. I got a weird idea – if I make some graphics first, it might feel less of a chore to make the actual code.
Anyway, here they are. I started with the normal guy and the skeleton, and since Minecraft is a nice game I thought that I’d add the rest of them. Creeper will not appear in the World Generator game! Sorry!

More stupid old videos

I looked back through my ‘finished games’ -folder and found Apocalypse Adventure, a Ludum Dare entry I actually made some posts about on this blog! So not THAT old. Anyway, the game had a similar fate to Excavatorrr – it was way too hard to control and play, so everyone nodded their heads in “yes neat game, quite huge for 48 hours” and then turned away. So in order to get some people actually see what kind of buggy craziness I had going in the game, I recorded a full playthrough. There’s also the old, non-full playthrough at vimeo, but it’s bad quality and overall stupid.
Anyway, here they are in order:


On other news, I submitted the demo of BtBH to the Independent gaming festival’s student showcase competition, and the entry list has been published.

Ported Bulletsss to flash

So I wanted to experiment a bit more with this flash exporting feature of MMF 2 so I ported my older game Bulletsss to flash and put it up on Kongregate! I wanted to see what kind of money I can get out of an obscure game if my share is 25% of the income. Not much, I guess, but Doooors did something like 11 $ for me. Ok, that’s low. Haha.

Anyway, if you’re interested check it out at: Kongregate
I changed a couple of the levels and fixed some bugs, too!
Also Noby did a really nice track for it! Noby, you’re the best. :)