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Why TIGsource is the best place

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By me (man it’s ugly; but I was tired)

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Animated by me; everything else ripped.

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Playing around


I like that! But unfortunately, such huge maps take about 3 minutes to generate (10 seconds map itself, but rivers are roads take exponentially longer the bigger they are, due to the pathfinding). Also this big a map quite reveals some of the weak spots of the generation; there are some formations that repeat themselves.

Also, I had some fun and created a planetary display (with a 3D program, MMF can’t do even bad-looking 3D like this):

It's ugly but I like it

Roads – again again

I think it looks pretty nice!
Some of the roads are hollow because I made the roads be the more transparent the less they are used. Just to see if that kind of thinking works at all.

The rivers don’t quite care about the climate, but otherwise I think it is quite neat! :)


I’m currently multitasking several different games at once. I have no problem with that, but I should actually be reading to exams which are going to take place next wednesday. Oh well.

Anyway, I’ll list here some stuff I’m currently working on and tell a bit about their progress.
Firstly, there’s the world generator I made a couple posts about earlier. After a longish pause, I got around to add rivers and roads to the world. After a lot of struggling with getting the rivers look good, I think I’m getting somewhere. Next I should just make the generation automatic instead of manual click-to-create, and then start working on roads.

They look nice, don't they?

Earlier attempt.

The next thing is of course Beyond the Black Hole. I don’t quite know what I’m going to do with this, since I don’t think I can bring myself to create all the planned 35 levels. A possibility would be to finish the planet currently at hand, and then the last planet to get 20 levels. I continued working on level 13, as you can see in the post below, but currently I’m a bit stuck with the puzzle. For once it’s not just about motivational problems!

After making that Excavatorrr idea I became sad because I realized how much potential was lost in that one: I myself think that the game was really neat, and that it was positively addicting once the player got hang of the controls. That last bit was the problem, of course: Most players don’t want to take their time to learn a random game, much less if the game isn’t all that big and doesn’t take long to beat. So, last night I started pondering a bit if a remake/sequel to the game could be justified. With my new knowledge, I’d be able to create a much better engine, make a flash export, and possibly connect the game leaderboards to things like Kongregate and so on. That’d be kinda neat. Also the slowness and controlling problems of the original could be taken care of.

There’s also a fourth thing I’ve been playing with, but I wont say much about it yet because I’m quite sure it’ll fail like most other projects I’ve started. So pics will come once I know more!

Excavatorrr silliness.

It’s coming close to the one-year anniversary of the game this blog started with. I think it’s my personal favourite among my games, though due to certain stupidity from my part it didn’t really get much attention anywhere. Anyway, esq at #tigIRC wanted to see a video about it, so I took my time and made my first Movie Maker video to showcase some of the cooler bits of that game. I thought it might be nice to make some sort of a collection of the deeper mechanics behind the game, since about 5 players out of the few thousand who downloaded it enjoyed it enough to actually play for more than a few minutes. Eh, I sound stupidly bitter here, but the fault was really on my coding.

AAANYYYWAYY, I like the video and I hope you like it too!

New site layout-like

So I took my time and abused the MMF 2 flash exporting to create myself a nice little applet to embed to the main page. Now I don’t need those awfully ugly game-specific pages. On the negative side, MMF 2 applets aren’t on the lightest side, so the game library takes a while to load. I also updated the title. I had got a bit fed up with the old “REACTOR PRODUCTS” anyway.




Soo, I finished the game today!

Because it’s 23:42 I’ll just copypaste stuff from TIGsource:

“This time I present you Doooors, a platformer that revolves around certain objects. Along with a lot of other stuff, to be honest. There are even a couple levels where doors do not play a very big role, but usually they do. Yes, the name is unimaginative but I think the game title gimmick was funny so I wanted to keep it.

In the game you’re supposed to reach a mysterious blue jewel by means of picking up / throwing various items, ranging from non-goombas and springboards to doors. The game shouldn’t require much platforming skill, but be warned: The Game May Be Extremely Difficult. As the designer it’s hard to tell, but I’d be prepared to say that a couple of the later levels could be labeled ‘very very difficult’. Take that as a challenge, brothers!

== CONTROLS == (These are explained in-game, too)
Arrow keys = move
S = jump and confirm
D = pick up and throw
D + Down = put down
D + up = throw upwards
R = restart
Esc = Quit
Note that the speed of thrown objects changes depending on your own momentum while throwing. That is, throwing stuff while walking makes them fly farther.

This time you don’t have to bother with downloading anything, because I decided to try the brand-new Flash exporter of MMF 2 and made my first Flash Game! Unfortunately, the weaknesses of the exporter show: the game is very heavy.

Once again I got some amazing music by Noby, do check his youtube account!

So there.