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Amusing spam

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“landscaping is very cool coz you got to rearrange new stuffs on your yard.,-*”

These are way too funny!

Be A Man – the story of World War Swing Show-off

No More Sweden was really intense and fun this time around! I’m currently in the house of one of the organizers, watching some football. Everything has gone fine this far and I’ve had a great time here. Hopefully I’ll get safely home, too!

Anyway, here’s the game I made for for the 48-hour game jam. My theme words were World War, Swing and Show and I made a really tiny game from the first idea I could get. Hopefully I’ll do something better next year. :) Daniel Remar’s Be A Man was one of the funniest games I’ve ever played, I hope he uploads it even though it may be hard to understand the inside-jokes.

World War Swing Show-off

Download the game
(It’s a two-player hotseat game, all the instructions are in the game file!)

No More Finland For No More Sweden

I’ll be leaving tomorrow for No More Sweden, the most amazing tiny indie jam this summer. All the cool guys shall be there, or at least northern cool guys!