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Beyond the Black Hole and back

After a long long pause, I started working again on BtBH yesterday, and finished level 11 today. I’m happy with it, happier than I thought I would be when I started to work on it. (I fear that the secret star location is a bit too cruel here, though.)

Anyway, apologies for the pause – I started working on many small projects, but it looks like none of them shall become anything. We’ll see. For now I’ll stick to BtBH.


Paradise Fort – finished(?)

So, I got tired of the whole thing and decided to just pop it out. Here you go, description a lá taken from TIGsource:

“I enjoyed the latest Ludum Dare so much that I decided to create a post-compo version of my entry, Paradise Fort. However, during working on it I started to realize how confusing and silly the game was, eventually sucking the motivation out of me. I still wanted to release what I had got, so here it is – far from being finished, but definitely more meaty than the original.

One of the particular things wrong here are the controls, I didn’t bother changing them from the original ones. You can change the mappings, however, through the “settings.txt”.

The game tries to help you with the controls through a silly info text, but be warned that the controls are slightly weird.
Also be warned that the enemies start appearing only after you’ve built 2 cannons!”

Yes, just like that. The game isn’t all bad, but somehow I started seeing more and more things wrong and was overwhelmed. My apologies.

Get The Game From This Well Hidden Link

Screenshots can be easily seen in the past posts!

Darn those Octopi!

Ok, I’m close to finish with this, both mentally and physically (computer software is physical because I say so). Just have to balance stuffs and put up a tutorial, and I’m go!