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Results of the Dare… again.

Hum, took suspiciously long to write about LD here.

Anyway, Ludum Dare #17 was last week as I mentioned, and I’m really happy with how my entry came out. It’s called Paradise Fort, and it is some sort of weird mix of Minecraft and Tower Defense. Ludum Dares always manage to motivate me mysteriously, so I was able to get almost everything I wanted in. I’m going to expand on the game now that the compo is over, to create a more finished game (much like what happened with Excavatorrr).

Here’s a timelapse of the creation process. The Ludum Dare rules encourage recording the course of the creation, so I thought it’d be a cool thing to look at later on.

The rest of this entry shall be reserved for screenshots, so here’s the download link:
Ludum Dare version
The new version I update with new stuff!


You can build your own island fortress!

These are some of the new enemies I plan to add.

And here’s an utterly rad tower made by Six at the Ludum Dare community:

Nice job, man!

Ludum Dare #17 – Islands

It’s once again time for the wonderful competition that is Ludum Dare! 48 hours of wonderful game creation with the theme “Island”. There were a couple nice themes around this time, like “Annihilation” and “Ecosystem”, but I’m quite glad about this one, too. At least it inspired me a lot! The spirit of the LD is to post steadily about your game to the official blog, so I wont update this blog until the compo has finished. Then I shall reveal whatever crap I might’ve come up with by then. Exciting!

Klik of the month Klub #34

Glorious Trainwrecks held once again their monthly 2-hour game-makery compo. This time I even managed to make something (the time it is held is rather bad for my timezone, from 2 AM to 4 AM. Usually I stay only the first half an hour), and I’m quite happy with it, to be honest. Yeah, the concept is old and you can’t really polish anything in 2 hours, but I’ve always wanted to make my own unforgiving platformer! So here, I present you Jump Marilyn!

Use shift to jump and arrows to move. The game has waypoints to ease your path, but yeah, this is meant to be rather unfair. It can be beaten in a way, though!

Download it from the KotmK website.

Beyond the Black Hole

Time for a post that doesn’t relate to the previous one in any way! Do I see a pattern here?

Anyway, this time it’s about bigggger stuff. I’ve been working on a certain game for about half a year now, and I decided that once I’d hit certain milestone I’d reveal it. I did that to prevent myself from blabbing about the game before knowing for certain if I’m even capable of finishing it. Now it looks like I can.

So, this game is Beyond the Black Hole, a puzzle game that is sequel to FIG in more than one, but not every aspect. Practically the game gives you control over the green fella, thus allowing puzzles about doing also other stuff than just clicking. This also means a bit more complicated controls, but hey, I’ll put a tutorial in ‘n all. The reason I removed the lemmings-like movement was because in FIG it was used too much as an arbitrary time limit, resulting in hurrying in many levels. When that was combined with the fact that some of the hotspots were a bit tiny, a couple levels ended up rather hellish. I’ve also updated the graphical look a bit, and I’m becoming really fond of that “MSpaint-ish” look. The game will feature 35 (or possibly 36) levels placed on 7 planets like last time.

The milestone I set to myself was finishing level 10. So then, today, I did finish this level, and that’s why this post is here. Derp. Anyway, I got the ever-so-amazing Johan Hargne to compose the soundtrack, because I knew from experience that he’s rather good at making that kind of light-yet-interesting music that a game like this needs.

Some screenshots:

OHH! And that gif thing below! It’s still going, but I wont work on it until I become demotivated to work on BtBH!