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Things will eventually begin

Not that anyone reads this blog, but I feel that I have to post something occasionally.

So, this place will probably become a bit more active in a couple weeks. I have a project going and will eventually post some information about it here. I’ll wait until I reach certain stage before talking about the game, though, because I hate it when I blabber about my next “AWESOME” game and then realize I have to abandon it. You know, some people might feel like they have been let down.

WWW is rather great


So this person called Terry Cavanagh has released his long-awaited platformer, VVVVVV. It’s shareware, but really worth the money, I enjoyed it thoroughly. This post is a bit late on the subject, but I felt I needed something to write about, if nothing but a short post. The game features fast-paced platforming, With A Twist, which is very amusing by it’s nature. It’s also very hard for a newcomer, which is obviously a good thing – prepare to die a couple hundred times.


Results of the Dare

After 3 weeks of voting, the results of the Ludum Dare are out. My overall score was apparently the third best, tied with Dock’s PenguinAgain. My game was also sixth in the Theme-category and seventh in Fun. Also I earned a gold medal for Coolness, because I rated every game submitted (121, phew).

Currently, I’m working on one game “actively”, and pondering several different games to work on as side-projects. I’ll post screenshots of this bigger project when I get far enough. That wont happen very soon, though, I fear.