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Papapisshu! v.1.2

Ok, so I now have the (hopefully) last version of Excavatorrr. I’ll fix any bugs found, though, so I may release some smaller updates later.

-Shop system changed
-New item in the shop
-New enemy
-Stalactites should now work without flaws
-Some order-related issues fixed
-New *secret*
-It’s now easier to see where the hidden objects are, though just a bit.

Notice that it’s possible now to get a bigger score than earlier.

Get the game.

V. 1.14

I guess my way of naming the versions is a bit weird. Let’s say that the game is finished at V. 1.2. Ok?
Anyway, get the new version from here.

New stuff, not much this time:

-bugfix on the stalactites. They still sometimes seem to get stuck in a weird manner, I have no idea what causes that. :/
-Added one secret item! It’s kinda hard to find, but it sure is useful!
-Fixed the bug about red dragon duplicating itself
-Added a new enemy!

Still to do:
-The change to the shop
-New shop item (spikeball/dart)
-1 enemy; or maybe 2.
-Add new uses to the grail. It’s almost useless as it is now.

I wonder if I should do these new features anyway, because I don’t think people will play the game much anyway. But whatever, I feel satisfied with them.

Version 1.13

Ok, it’s out there. I made the finishing touches in a hurry, so there was a tiny bug left in, I’ll fix it later today. Anyway, here are the additions (hopefully I remember them):

-The stalactites shouldn’t bug anymore
-There’s one new enemy
-A bug regarding digging upwards/downwards fixed
-The lava raises a bit faster now! Hee hee
-The cursed idol is a bit easier to be noticed
-Fixed that energy-related bug!
-Press Control + M to mute/unmute music
-Press Control + N to mute/unmute sound effects

Other stuff I think I’ll add later on:
-at least one more enemy, probably two or even three (most of the new enemies are secret though)
-currently there sometimes seems to appear 2 red dragons; I’ll fix that for they’re totally annoying.
-I got a very nice suggestion for a new non-secret item; I’ll add that to the shop
-I’ll also alter the shop system otherwise too, to lessen the amount of moving back and forth.

I’ve been pondering those spikes; they’d indeed seem cool. Though there wouldn’t be much of them; and they wouldn’t probably kill enemies.

Excavatorrr weather report.

So, the current version of my game Excavatorrr is 1.12. I’ll be updating it probably rather rapidly in the future, so it’s good to check if your version is the newest; there’ll probably going to be some more radical changes in the near future. You have the currently newest version if your game has stalactites!

here’s the log of changes compared to the older version:
-You can attack while holding the umbrella
-New ‘secret’ item added
-You accelerate now a tad bit faster
-Stalactites added
-The way lava works is changed
-the enemies shouldn’t keep moving when they’re flattened now

And here’s a log of changes I’ll do in the future, at least.
-2-3 new enemies
-at least 1 new item, hopefully less secret
-shops that appear in the lower levels too
-bugfix on the stalactites that appear inside blocks
-more easily recognizable cursed idol (it’s anyway sellable, so it’s better that people find it)
-bugfix on jumping in certain tight places

I have also thought of still a few new traps; how about some sort of plant? or spikes

It is time for some action.

Boo yah, finally got around to add this blog here. Soo, this is a blog of me, Arvi Teikari, and don’t expect me to update very actively, I already have too many things to remember! I’ll post here about my game projects, and also about other things. I think you’ll see mostly posts about Excavatorrr during the next weeks, though.