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Slightly more weekly progress post #97: Discord >:O

Hey! I actually managed to stream on two consecutive weeks! Maybe this is a sign of a brighter future.

I set up a Discord yesterday, comment below if you want a link to it I guess.

Today’s stream was somewhat slow but I still got some handy stuff implemented. I worked on some more map stuff on Baba, and while the map’s low FPS annoys me a lot, the actual thing I set out to do seemed to work! I also started implementing two other things but hesitated because I realized I want to keep the secret.

I also worked on the penguin thing, although admittedly I made less progress than I originally intended. Walljumping was added along with some new assets, but there are some structures that I need to implement soon to get forward with the project.

I think a result of setting up the Discord was there being more people on the stream – there was some nice discussion! Thank you very much for that. :)

“”Weekly”” progress post #96: Sideprojects

I’ve had a little sideproject going for a bit and it needs to be finished pretty soon so for the past couple weeks I’ve been concentrating on that instead of Baba; apart from some polish and bugginess most of what I want to have in Baba before GDC is there which is great! March will probably absolutely terrifyingly busy so getting any errant projects out of the way beforehand seems like a good plan.

Anyway! During today’s stream I drew some more art for the project shown above (more info coming soon) and added a new level to Baba. It feels funny and fun to do higher-resolution art for a change; apart from animation I’m enjoying it a lot! Very different.

Things are very exciting right now! Sadly a lot of the excitement will become more available to others at a later date, but at least I can post gamedev updates every now and then. Once things settle down a bit I’ll count how many weekly streams I’ve missed and do some kinda marathon, that might be fun. Sorry!!

“Weekly” progress post #95: Sorry about this!!

So yeah, my ability to stream weekly has been superbly bad for a while now. Unfortunately it’ll probably get worse before it gets betterm what with the upcoming GDC and so on! I’ll try to do better, believe me!

In any case, today’s stream was very active and productive! I finally divided the game’s map into sub-areas containing thematically similar levels (example above). This has been on the to-do list for a while now but because I’m sure there are several bugs with the sub-map system still & I’ve had to have a testable version available I haven’t dared to really get to it. A quick test already turned up several bugs, although nothing too serious. Once this map system is stable enough, I’ll start laying down the final theming of the levels, sculpting the “main” map and implementing missing features (for example locks that require a certain amount of completed levels to open). Also more music!

Here’s a teaser of an underwater-themed song I made:

Weekly progress post #93: Word

Today’s stream was really nice and productive! I made some levels, started working on the game’s actual map (and encountered a lot of need for polish, haha), made some groundwork for custom objects, fixed some bugs and in general got stuff Done! I definitely feel that I’m starting to move towards the endgame in terms of actual game content, even if there’s a lot to do besides getting there. Fixing bugs in today’s stream was wonderfully simple, and it was nice to have a feeling of there not being anything that’d be really tough to fix (there 100% is, probably).

I’d like to post a gif but I think I’ll try to wait until I have some less spoilery content to post. Thanks a lot to the chat, it was very active today and made working on the game a lot more fun! :)

Weekly progress post #92: The Big Day… and maps

Alright! Obviously the announcement of Baba was the BIG THING today, but as it turns out I also had the opportunity to stream a bit. Working out how I want the map system to work & accounting for various oddities the users might end up doing with the level editor is fairly tedious but I think I got a good chunk of that handled today. Getting this whole part of Baba’s development behind me is going to be great, although I’m already feeling that the current system is too hacky/rigid so some refactoring might need to take place between now and the game’s eventual release. Eugh. Still, progress!!

People were wondering when I’d return to ESA 2, and while I’m pretty happy to be able to say that it’s officially on a hiatus (mainly in order to avoid extra stress from having to worry about keeping it worked on while concentrating so heavily on Baba) I want not to disappoint those who originally got interested in my works via ESA. So I think I’ll stream some ESA2 dev sometime soon, even if the actual hiatus won’t end until next March or so. Sorry. At least people have seemed understanding, which is very kind & nice.

Weekly progress post #91: Paths

Today’s stream was slightly aimless & quiet, but I feel that I still got a whole lot done.

I started work on custom object sprites; the idea is that in the finished game the player can make levels with custom objects, and part of this system is the ability to change their spriting. This feature makes also my own work easier, because with it I can make themed levels without having to hard-code every object.

The other big thing tonight was the implementation of “paths”, i.e. routes that connect levels together, seen in the gif above. I’ve always really liked Super Mario World/3 maps and hopefully these new paths allow making more appealing and compositionally sound maps. The idea is that I’ll divide the current large map into several sub-maps, so there is well enough space for a little aesthetical polish like this.

I think I’m only 2 updates behind now?

Weekly progress post #90: World map

I hadn’t slept much last night so I was extremely tired at the beginning of the stream. However I managed to persevere, and as a prize for that I got some of Baba’s map stuff actually working! There’s a lot of polish to be added and big features still missing, but I think I have a good idea of in which direction I want to go with the visual design here. I also managed to re-implement the old map in the new map system, which is good for getting a new playable build out.

What worries me somewhat is that there’s some kind of a bug in the level editor; after a while of using it the game either crashes or something stops working. My guess is that I’ve accidentally forgotten to take some tiny lua thing into account and it then accumulates until problems arise, but as with the previous “nothing-works” bug, it’s always annoying to debug something that only happens after a while of playing.

Weekly progress post #89: Slog

Today’s stream was spent mostly on updating Baba’s levels into a new format; I had changed the positions of the various objects in the editor’s “reference map”, so to say, so all the levels were just randomish garbage. I had planned to re-do all the levels by hand but talking about it aloud on-stream made me realize that coding a conversion tool would probably be easier. And so it was! Converting all the levels + adding their names back still took a lot of time, phew. I also started implementing the game’s map again; I’m still missing some features to make the map to my liking so for now I’ll just recreate the old map in order to make sure that I have a fully working version of the game handy when needed. I’d say I need one more stream to be at the point where I have the game fully working again, with some jank here and there. After that it’s just a matter of adding the new map features in order to make the whole system work in the way I want.

In other news, I’ve been super into markov chains again and recently revisited my old generator, this time redoing it from scratch with the generation now being done a letter-by-letter level instead of word-by-word. The results are really promising and I’ve had fun generating texts from a public domain cookbook & the script of The Two Towers:

In fact, this stuff has been so much fun that I finally started a twitter account that I can use to share generated texts I find amusing. It’s called @chaingenerator.

Weekly progress post #88: Yet more editor stuff

Oh yeah, even more editor stuff. Getting close to having all the basic functionality I need in, though! The new editor and its related systems have now fully overtaken the old map & editor screens, although there’s still a bunch of missing functionality (namely beating levels returning the player back to the map & unlocking levels). I think I have a plan for how the general map-unlocking and -traversal loop will work, so I’ll probably be implementing things related to that on the side. There’re also some quality-of-life tools that are dearly needed in the editor, especially when it comes to editing world maps, but they shouldn’t cause too much trouble once I actually get around to doing them.

I made a really funny level during today’s stream; I’ll try to sit on it until the next Screenshot Saturday! :)

Weekly progress post #87: More editor stuff

Got one stream & update off my list! 2 to go. Today’s stream also concentrated on getting Baba’s level editor done, and I’d say it was also very productive! I’ve left the visuals of the UI elements pretty rough because implementing a nice look for them is going to be tedious and hopefully something that can be done later; however, the actual functionality of everything seems surprisingly robust! Lua is of enormous help here, as usual, because with it I need way less workarounds and menu-specific hacks. I’m hoping that sometime next week I’ll have the editor at a state where it can overtake the original level/map system fully.