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So, about that IGF…

…I didn’t actually make it. Technically, at least. I couldn’t get OA done to a passable point in time, so I sent the same version as last year. Thanks for help with submitting the game, Petri!

More ESA + IGF

So there.

IGF deadline is on the 17th, and I’ve been working on the updated, physics-based version of Officer Alfred in order to get some kind of a test version for the competition. At the moment I’m still a bit unsure whether I’ll be able to get anything done in time, but the game’s level editor is looking pretty snazzy already:


Well, unsurprisingly Officer Alfred didn’t get nominated in the IGF 2012. Oh well!

Well, there it goes!

IGF deadline has now come upon us, but fortunately I managed to make it in time.


Also, here’s the trailer!


Lazy day in devmoor

I think I’ll make it! :)


Time is running short! I think I’ll make it in time but it’ll sure be a close call!

Masjin will be frozen for until IGF has passed

^^ Seconded. The deadline is 17th October, and I really want to get this thing done before that! Once I’ve got a demo out for the competition, I’ll get back to work on the level editor.

Some more Masjin stuff and other things as well

Welp, looks like port 6121 is broken again; I’ll get in touch with Jamie asap. Port 6122 seems to work well at the moment.

As for other things, I’ve been working on something to put to the upcoming IGF competition. I’m quite sure you can tell what it is.