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Weekly progress post #61: An end to farting

Nordic Game Jam starts tomorrow! I really want to be able to show bits of ESA 2 and Snake Game there, so I spent today’s stream polishing some tiny bits of both. Thursday will be mostly quiet so I hope that I’ll be able to pull off some more polish in preparation for the actual event.

In ESA 2 I finally updated the double jump effect as well as the hookshot’s graphical look. Not 100% sure about the latter because of how “lasery” it looks, it almost feels as if this new hookshot should be able to be used offensively. Nevertheless, it’s an improvement. I’ll try to add some polish to certain early-game areas as well so that I could show off the beginning of the game without feeling that it’s way too work-in-progress.

In Snake Game I worked a bit on a cutscene/hub area that’ll be used for accessing the various encounters in the game. I needed to implement a ladder for said area, and to be honest the code for it is fairly hacky, but hopefully that won’t become a problem later on. I’ll try to get this area polished further before NGJ so that the player can somewhat seamlessly move from the main menu to the first encounter while learning controls on the way.

Weekly progress post #60: Shadowbeasts!

Today’s stream saw the addition of 1 new small room, beginnings of the tileset for the ~FINAL NON-OPTIONAL AREA~ and a new enemy for the previous area, seen above. The penultimate area is starting to feel pretty good apart from certain awkward room transitions, a missing bossfight and the general lack of background details that applies for almost the whole game at the moment. I’m going to have to spend a bunch of time decorating everything, eventually…

I’ll also have to redo the in-game map soon! I think I’ve talked about this before, but it’s nevertheless something I’ve been hesitating with because the current system has some really obscure code going on and picking that apart will probably be less than enjoyable.

Nordic Game Jam will be next week! I’m probably going and based on previous years it should be good fun. Not sure if I’ll get anything worthwhile done, though…

Weekly progress post #59: Snake Game Stuff!

Today’s stream was fairly short & uneventful; I added a new small room to ESA 2, fixed some bugs and started working on the transition to the next area. Surprisingly Snake Game saw more development; I implemented a system where the player can enter their name when starting a new game. The system ended up being really hacky which will probably cause trouble for me at some point, but at least it works.

If the player can name the main character of a game, should they be able to add stuff like exclamation marks, numbers or dots to the name, or should the game force the name to be somewhat standard?

Weekly progress post #58: Yggdrasil

Still didn’t get out of the current area in today’s stream, but there’s very little left to be done here (sans the bossfight, which I skipped and will implement later). I added a new room, worked on & polished one and finalized a couple others. I also added the basics of a Very Important Cutscene along with a fairly important (and hopefully cool) gameplay thing. Hopefully I can now get this area mostly done before next week’s stream!

Also finally managed to implement the player’s parachute in Snake Game! That’s another thing that has been coming for nearly a year, so it’s great to get forward on that front, too!

Weekly progress post #57: Chill and chatty

Today’s stream was very nice and there was a fair amount of discussion going on, which is always a joy! I added 2 new rooms and a new enemy; it’s not that much especially considering the stream was about half an hour longer than usual, but on the other hand said enemy is somewhat more complicated than usual enemies, used as a miniboss-type deal and by implementing it I ended up also finishing a couple plot-relevant things.

I really want to get done with the current area because I feel I’ve spent a long time at it already, but luckily the end is nigh; if I work on the area a bit between streams, I should be able to get it finished next week (sans optional rooms & the boss of the area) (maybe).

I was planning to add some stuff to Snake Game as well, but after spending so long on ESA 2 stuff I wanted to end the stream so that’ll be a thing for later.

I need to draw more.

Weekly progress post #56: Things Are Taking Shape

Today’s stream was fairly uneventful, but there was a surprisingly high amount of viewers, which was really nice. Thanks, people! :) I added 2 new rooms and implemented a new enemy, albeit one that works mostly as a way to teach the player a movement technique, seen above. I feel that I’ll have to add a couple larger enemies to this area because it’s meant to have a strong theme going on and right now that theme really isn’t there.

Also started the stream with working a bit on Snake Game’s spritework! I’ve finally redrawn the main character’s sprites to look more like what I had in mind; it took me over a year to get that done because I was so scared of the task. There’s still the walking/running animation left to do, but after that I can finally move onto other stuff (momentarily, but nevertheless).

Weekly progress post #55: Monster hangers

Okay!! Now I’m back to date with these progress posts & streams! Today 2 new enemies and 2 new rooms were added (or more accurately, 1 new room was added and 1 half-finished room was implemented), and I got a game mechanic I had kinda dreaded to work on implemented. It’ll need extra work but I’m pretty sure the worst is behind us. Yay!

Also worked a bit on Snake Game; hopefully I can get back to that. Moving some old hand-made scripting stuff to lua at the moment, not too difficult but kind of a large task to do. Satisfying, though.

One week late progress post #54: My throat was slightly hoarse

I didn’t have huge expectations for tonight’s stream since it came to be somewhat suddenly and I hadn’t spent any time thinking of ESA 2 in-between streams. Despite this, some pretty nice progress happened – 2 new rooms were added, an environmental effect that stumped me a little earlier is now in (hopefully) and a new trap was introduced, along with dragonflies as harmless critters! Sadly, there was already an old enemy called Dragonfly, so this new one was redubbed Tinyfly. Oh well!!

I’m finally getting back to Snake Game, so maybe we’ll see bits of that on-stream sometimes as well.

Two weeks late Weekly progress post #53: Back in action


I haven’t been able to stream for two weeks because of being busy with moving. Now that things have settled, it’s time to take back some and thus I’ll be doing some extra this week, including writing the two missing weekly progress posts. Today’s belated stream was very slow, and I mainly got spritework done, but nevertheless a new enemy and 1 new room were also added! I’ll have to write stuff down regarding a visual effect I’d like to use in a couple rooms in the current area, and uncertainty about how to go about implementing said visual effect caused me not to be able to move forward today.

Weekly progress post #52: Ground pound

Today’s stream was pretty productive, yay! I added a new enemy, two new rooms (both are WIP, though), a story-related system, some minigame stuff and a new functionality to a powerup. That last one turned out to be especially neat; the powerup in question had felt somewhat limited before. All in all I feel that ESA 2 will have a much better powerup lineup than ESA 1. :)

There’ll be an extra stream tomorrow, so I think I’ll get a screenshot saturday gif from there!!!