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Weekly progress post #56: Things Are Taking Shape

Today’s stream was fairly uneventful, but there was a surprisingly high amount of viewers, which was really nice. Thanks, people! :) I added 2 new rooms and implemented a new enemy, albeit one that works mostly as a way to teach the player a movement technique, seen above. I feel that I’ll have to add a couple larger enemies to this area because it’s meant to have a strong theme going on and right now that theme really isn’t there.

Also started the stream with working a bit on Snake Game’s spritework! I’ve finally redrawn the main character’s sprites to look more like what I had in mind; it took me over a year to get that done because I was so scared of the task. There’s still the walking/running animation left to do, but after that I can finally move onto other stuff (momentarily, but nevertheless).

Weekly progress post #55: Monster hangers

Okay!! Now I’m back to date with these progress posts & streams! Today 2 new enemies and 2 new rooms were added (or more accurately, 1 new room was added and 1 half-finished room was implemented), and I got a game mechanic I had kinda dreaded to work on implemented. It’ll need extra work but I’m pretty sure the worst is behind us. Yay!

Also worked a bit on Snake Game; hopefully I can get back to that. Moving some old hand-made scripting stuff to lua at the moment, not too difficult but kind of a large task to do. Satisfying, though.

Weekly progress post #34: Headache!!

Ugh!! Got a headache which really slowed things down, and on top of that Twitch behaved strangely, leading to the stream cutting for some time. Still, I got a new room semi-done along with little tweaks here and there (such as updating what were previously laser beams to visually more interesting blue flares, as well as spriting some new plants). Also did some very very preliminary work on Snake Game after a long break. Hopefully next week will be more productive!

Weekly progress post #27: New area!!

Today’s stream was spent on an entirely new area in ESA 2! I added 3 new rooms, 2 new enemies and a new environmental hazard. The new area feels somewhat static right now but hopefully some animated machinery and such can alleviate that. Moving platforms are proving to be problematic once again, and a feature related to them I was planning for today didn’t make it. I’ll have to look at that later.

No work done on Map Generator or Snake Game, although I’ve worked a lot on the former during the past week.

Weekly progress post #25: Barnacles!

There they are! I added 3 new enemies to ESA 2 today along with tiny tweaks. Making them took more time than I estimated, but it was fun and I finally got around to implementing a ricocheting effect for enemies with shells.

Snake game got also some early work on the player losing while inside their plane. Making a nice-looking effect for that will be really time-consuming, I’m afraid! Also fixed various smaller bugs here and there.
No map generator work tonight.

Weekly progress post #24: Progress on all projects

Today’s ESA 2 progress was way slower than I’d have hoped, mainly due to a huge amount of tiny annoying glitches related to the new feature I’ve been working on. I tinkered with those and added some new content but ultimately gave up on trying to get everything working and instead decided to look at the glitches outside of the stream.

Snake game saw a return since I had figured out a way to fix a really horrible crashng bug in it! I spent most of the stream implementing features of the Snake Game engine in lua, but progress was fairly good and the attempted lua fix seems to do what it’s meant to, namely increase the FPS (although I had MMF’s debugger open while testing for a long time and interpreted the related slowdown as indicative of additional needed optimization). There were a couple weird and potentially annoying glitches left in the game after the conversion was done, but hopefully those can be ironed out.

Map generator saw the addition of lighthouses! That is all.

Weekly progress post #15: Lots of new rooms!

Today’s stream was extremely productive in terms of ESA 2! I implemented the basics for 3 new rooms and finished one I started last time, along with fixing tons of little quirks and bugs (and encountering new ones on the way!) There are a couple design issues I’ll need to decide on really soon and a new boss right around the corner; in general the game’s progress seems to be really nice! I also did a little run of the game as it is right now and it took me half an hour to get through it all, although I did spend some time just chatting. I’m not sure if that time is reassuring or worrying. Time will tell.

No work on Snake Game tonight because there’s a problem I can’t do much about that’s causing crashes and I really want that one squished before I continue.

Weekly progress post #14: Slow but steady

Early day tomorrow so I had to keep it short. Nevertheless, in ESA 2 we’ve now reached the hookshot powerup once again! Some implementation problems arose, though, and I’ll have to look into those before the next stream. Similarly, in Snake Game progress was slow because of a LUA-related thing that I need to look into which is way too boring to stream. Oh well!!

Weekly progress post #13: They work!!

Fixing the moving platforms turned out to be surprisingly trivial! I’m glad. I implemented the basic structure of this weird vertical, moving room and the one after that. I feel that the new rooms have been slightly too bare-bones but at the same time I’m trying to be extremely careful not to fill them with too many hazards.

Progress was also nice with the snake game; the new snake needs some more design thought put into it but I have a very good feeling about it!

Weekly Update #12: MOVING PLATFORMS!!

Pictured here is mild frustration. I thought I had fixed the moving platforms, but as it turns out I only fixed them when they’re moving vertically! I’ll have to do some extra fixing for horizontal movement and during today’s stream I basically just gave up and decided to tackle that later.

On the other hand, I got surprisingly far with a first test of a new snake in the Snake Game, so that was great! No gifs because I’m weird like that. All in all I’d say that the stream was fairly successful despite my tiredness. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix those platforms by next stream.