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Weekly progress posts #77 and #78: I guess I’ll do this now

So, last time I streamed I promised a weekly update for the next day. As it turns out I forgot to do that and here we are, over a week has passed with no weekly updates. Whoops!! I’m also 2 updates late to begin with. WHOOPS!!! I can’t remember at all what I did during the stream I didn’t make an update of, so let’s just leave it at that.

Today I added more words to Baba, along with some little graphical polish in preparation to changes to how the sprites are positioned on-screen. Stuff was tedious, yo, but now it’s done and that’s good. One of the new words can be seen in the gif above.

Last weekend I was at the Sommerhus Game Jam in Vellerup, Denmark. It was a fun cozy tiny little jam, there being about 10 people attending in total. The theme was ‘Me’, but I ended up working on Baba most of the time (along with having saunas and doing other summer cottagey things). I had a couple ideas but mostly they were too ambitious or I lacked the motivation to create them. I did finish a tiny thing, so if you’re interested you can download that here.


Nordic Game Jam 2017!

(Cool photo & cool cake by my girlfriend, Anni :3)

Nordic Game Jam 2017 was last weekend, and I ended up winning it with my game, Baba Is You!

I went in not really expecting much; I wasn’t initially really in the mood for making new games so the plan was to kinda feel the situation and possibly just work on ESA 2 and/or Snake Game. The theme of the jam was “Not There”, and at some point it got me thinking about “not” as an operator in programming/logic. This in turn made me think of a puzzle game where the game logic is part of the game world, and eventually this idea turned into my entry. I was expecting to run to some really hairy coding problems and not be able to finish, but hey, that very much didn’t happen!


I’m not totally sure where to take the game from here; during the event my plan was to polish it a bit and release it mostly as-is, but since people really liked it and it even raised some philosophical considerations in some players, I think I’ll be working on it further.

Download the game on!


In other news, Environmental Station Alpha’s second anniversary was also last weekend, and I almost completely forgot to announce the sale that went with that. Oh well! Let’s hope we won’t get to its 3rd anniversary before ESA 2 is done.

Next up in the indie gamedev event schedule will be No More Sweden in June; we’ll see what happens there :O

Weekly progress post #51: Minigames

Today I started work on redoing a thing that I’ve been very unhappy about in ESA 2 for a longer time; there’s a sort of a minigame related to the teleport system that I implemented really clunkily back when I initially started working on the game, to the point where I kind of dreaded working with it later on (especially since I’ve forgotten how it works, exactly). The new implementation is way better and I’m surprisingly close to the stage where I stopped working on the system previously! This implementation will also support other minigame-type things better, although I wont talk more about those now because I kinda want to keep them under the wraps. A new room was also finished, along with some work on that fantasy RPG battle cinematics thing seen above. All in all, a very fun stream! :)

Salvage Star!


So, Ludum Dare #37 came and went; the theme, One room, didn’t inspire me much and at first I didn’t think I’d finish anything this time around; however, eventually I just decided to ignore the theme altogether and make an idea that came to my mind after reading about the release of The Last Guardian and discussion about the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I streamed the whole development process, which was pretty interesting! The result isn’t quite as polished as I’d have hoped, but it gave me new opportunities to add to my knowledge on how to implement moving platforms, and I feel I learned some stuff that could come in handy with, say, the Snake Game. Unfortunately this also means that I’d kinda like to continue this project!!

Anyway! The game’s very difficult but hopefully feels interesting nonetheless! I didn’t have time to add proper sounds and, since I don’t want to be a jerk anymore, left the entry like that.

Salvage Star on Ludum Dare

Post-compo version

(The post-compo version has various bugfixes and some more sounds. Maybe slightly easier?)


Weekly progress post #38: Boss and dworfs

Worked more on the new plant boss in ESA 2. There were some graphical and design-related issues that I struggled to solve and ultimately the boss as it is now feels somewhat lacking. I hope I can figure out ways to help that, though!

I also worked a bit on a project I haven’t shown off before this; I’ll try to avoid working on it on-stream too much, though, because it’s essentially a sideproject that I enjoy adding things to and the stream should be reserved for games that actually need work!

Ludum Dare #35 results!

Here we go again! Cavern of Flight didn’t fare quite as well as some previous entries, but all in all I’m nonetheless very happy with the results. Out of the 1118 compo entries, my game was

#6 in the ‘mood’ category
#20 in the ‘graphics’ category
#48 overall

I’d call that a fairly successful result! As usual my entry ended up being too hard and finicky to control, and those are things I’ll keep struggling with in the future, too, but it was a lot of fun to make a game and that’s all that matters. I’m really happy that I had the time/energy to enter the compo.


Ludum Dare 35

I really got interested in weird dynamic animation stuff during the Nordic Game Jam last week, so Ludum Dare this weekend was a great excuse to play more with that stuff (although the theme, shapeshift, wasn’t really fitting for what I had in mind). Anyway, here we are again! My entry is called Cavern of Flight and while it barely incorporates the actual theme, I’m very happy with the result because I got to do what I wanted to and the game feels pretty solid despite some hiccups. The coolest thing was that this time around I recorded some random sounds with my Zoom recorder and actually made the soundscape on my own! Lots of fun, that.



After this I feel like it’d be cool to also have rats crawling on the walls, some bats & snails and the spiders rolling other creatures into cocoons. Maybe also little archers hopelessly overwhelmed by the wildlife?

Little weekend stream


Weekly progress post #6: Boss cutscenes

So, my 7drl entry ended up being late due to me being busy on the weekend, which kind of drained my will to keep working on it. Maybe one day…! I’m pretty happy with what I have now, though, because I implemented many features I had never done before, it’s cool.

I was really tired after all this theatre stuff last week so the stream started early and also ended somewhat quickly. However, I managed to implement a pre-boss cutscene and maybe-kinda settle on the design of the boss! Also added a button to change the level editor’s background colour to magenta, woo!

No picture today because I didn’t really do anything that visual, but next wednesday should be better in that regard!

More 7drl stuff!

I’ve had very little time to work on games this week, and next week looks to be even worse in that regard; I’m working in a student theatre group and our we’ll have our premiere and the rest next Tuesday. Woo!

Anyway! I’ve taken what little time I have to work on the 7drl thing, because it’s fun to take a crack at making a “pure” roguelike (or at least something imitating one). MMF2 really isn’t up to the task, causing slowdown even with just a bit of raycasting & pathfinding (especially pathfinding), but in a weird way I enjoy having the push the program to its limits.

I now have moving enemies with different movement patterns and speeds, field-of-view and a system for enemies noticing players and so on. I was really glad to find out that making the enemies collide with each other wasn’t quite as terribly hard as I feared in this specific case. I probably won’t have time to finish anything actually playable since Sunday will be reserved for theatre stuff, but there’re some features I’d love to see working before the 7drl. Biggest of these is some kind of an “skill system”, in that the player can affect the enemies with spell-like skills and vice versa. We’ll see how smoothly that’ll go.