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Masjin updated!

As mentioned below, I updated Masjin to add a link to the server hosting tool to the game. Also there were some incompatible pieces of code so I fixed those (hopefully all of them). I’ve tested the server hoster and it should work alright!
1. Host a server on port 6121 (or whichever port you want, that’s the default)
2. Players set the string ‘server’ in server.txt to your IP, and ‘port’ to 6121 (or whichever you chose)
3. Port forwarding might be required but I literally don’t know how that works
4. Start up a game!



Masjin Server hosting tool is here

This has taken way too long (and I’m unsure if it even works), but I quickly created a tool for hosting Masjin servers. My computer can’t host things so I’ve been unable to properly test it but please report me any experiences! :)


Edit: I also updated the Masjin client so that the server hosting tool can be downloaded directly from the client. I really hope this works!

Also a GIF of ESA:

Lo and behold, Masjin news!

So I finally took my time and contacted the creator of the Lacewing protocol, and it turned out that the server hadn’t died but instead moved to a different address. So well, without any other additions, here’s the The server is alive! update! The last couple versions have also been otherwise broken, but that matters not since the server was unavailable anyway.


For reference, the server and port the game uses are


I released yet another update to Masjin; this time to fix a bug that has made joining games almost impossible lately. Not that anyone ever playes the game, I just felt sentimental and wanted to play around a bit. Maybe I’ll organize a game someday.


So, that was a pretty neat christmas (my mother is the best chef everrr). Obviously couldn’t really work much on games during that time, although I did tweak some stuff for Incomitat (intending to get it working better). However, here’s The Plan:
– I’m going to update Masjin with mostly bugfixes soon. There were some weird things in the editor and the likes, and I’d like to get rid of those (possibly also add another item, we’ll see).
– I have a dare with Petri Purho to create a game in 7 days before 2012. Technically the LD game would suffice, but I think I want to prototype an older idea and see where I can go with it. We’ll see what comes out of this, but if everything goes right (wrong?) I may not be able to work on other stuff until the next year.
– Slowly working on Officer Alfred. I think the cutscene is nearly done, but I let my bro play the game and noted quite a few annoyances that I want to get rid of.
– SOPA sucks. A lot. If you live in the USA, go to the barricades or something.

Masjin has a level editor now!

So, as of version XYZ (?!) the game now has a neat level editor (which is probably pretty buggy at the moment; report all weird things you see!)

Get the game now! NOW!

On other news, Ludum Dare 22 just began, with the theme “Alone”! I’ll see what I can create this time; the theme isn’t really one of my favourites but it’s somewhat inspiring and allows a whole lot of different concepts!
Here’s a level you can test with the editor.

Masjin will be frozen for until IGF has passed

^^ Seconded. The deadline is 17th October, and I really want to get this thing done before that! Once I’ve got a demo out for the competition, I’ll get back to work on the level editor.

Some more Masjin stuff and other things as well

Welp, looks like port 6121 is broken again; I’ll get in touch with Jamie asap. Port 6122 seems to work well at the moment.

As for other things, I’ve been working on something to put to the upcoming IGF competition. I’m quite sure you can tell what it is.

Masjin server crashed, back up.

Huh, I suppose I should eventually create a server app for players to use. I’m not sure if anyone would find it worthwhile, though …?

More Masjin stuff

The level editor is coming up slowly but nicely; at the moment I’m thinking of a replacement for the molotov cocktail due to the fact that the poison bomb basically does the same job and is tons more efficient. Here are the two options I have currently in mind:
1) Black Hole bomb – It has been suggested at least thrice here, so I guess people would like to see it. Basically it’d be the opposite of gravity bomb, sucking people to the center of the explosion instead of pushing people away. I’m not sure how useful this’d be, but it could be used nicely in conjunction with a mine.

2) Remote-controlled bomb/missile – Basically a floating bomb/missile that the player could move about for a short while before detonating it. Could do wonders against turrets and people trying to hide in hard-to-reach places.

So what do you think?