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ESA pre-release stream on youtube


Environmental Station Alpha has been released on Steam!

Wooo! After 3 years of work it’s finally here (or there?)


New trailer for ESA + some other info

One week left until release! That’s pretty cool, also really really scary in many ways. I hope I can build up enough interest for the game so that it doesn’t fall into obscurity instantly. Not very good at this kinda stuff, nope!


The game will cost 8 dollars and have a 10% discount for the first week.
Check out the store page again:


In other news, Ludum Dare #32 will be around next weekend, and despite the pressure of the upcoming release I’m going to (try to) participate! I have some ideas that I think could be neat. We’ll see!


Yup, 3 weeks left until the release of Environmental Station Alpha! Pretty sweet, although I’m scared of what’ll happen and how thing’s go after that. Oh well.

Anyway, here’s a dumb teaser gif of a powerup, The Bike! I’ll be posting a GIF every weekday (at least) until the release of the game.

ESA release date announced!

HERE WE GO! ESA will be released 22nd of April!





In other news, check out this sicknasty 15-minute Excalibur Meh just achieved in CWOUN:

Learning Digital Painting

Making some ESA art in order to learn how to paint digitally. Using Krita and mouse for these. Interesting stuff. I’m thinking of maybe doing this kind of pictures of every boss in the game.

Environmental Station Alpha has been Greenlit!!!


The game’s now to be officially published on Steam! No further information about the date or anything else available yet, sorry about that, but at least the uncertainty of Greenlight is behind us. Thanks to everyone who participated in getting the game through the treacherous depths!

Greenlight Page

Also happy new year to everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t manage the original aim of release during 2014, but alas, there was a lot of stuff related to the publication not under my control so hopefully that explains it a bit. Hopefully?


Dumb thing

To celebrate the ongoing 7-day FPS challenge, I made a really dumb raycasting engine in Multimedia Fusion 2:


I’ve started to draw a longer, story-driven comic. I’m about 8 pages in (although I haven’t coloured/inked any of them, I hope that goes smoothly (going to use watercolour)), and I think I’ll open up some kind of a webcomic thing if I get far enough. Way too early to promise anything though. Nevertheless, I’m excited :)

As for ESA, I haven’t heard any news Greenlight-wise; it’s unfortunate that I can’t say more, but that’s the way it is, the release isn’t really in my hands now. Sorry about that!


OS X support added along with an update!


OS X version of the Environmental Station Alpha Demo is now available at ! The file size is rather large (roughly 140 Mb) because it contains a wrapper made with Wineskin by doh123 ( Unfortunately the port wont work with most gamepads.

The Windows version was also updated:

– Made the gamepad control settings properly available
– Credits can be left if viewed from the main menu
– Slight polish here and there

Enormous thanks to Pyry Kontio for handling the wrapping, testing and optimization!

Get the new version or grab the mac version here!

Environmental Station Alpha on Greenlight – new trailer and demo out!