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Weekly progress post #52: Ground pound

Today’s stream was pretty productive, yay! I added a new enemy, two new rooms (both are WIP, though), a story-related system, some minigame stuff and a new functionality to a powerup. That last one turned out to be especially neat; the powerup in question had felt somewhat limited before. All in all I feel that ESA 2 will have a much better powerup lineup than ESA 1. :)

There’ll be an extra stream tomorrow, so I think I’ll get a screenshot saturday gif from there!!!

Weekly progress post #51: Minigames

Today I started work on redoing a thing that I’ve been very unhappy about in ESA 2 for a longer time; there’s a sort of a minigame related to the teleport system that I implemented really clunkily back when I initially started working on the game, to the point where I kind of dreaded working with it later on (especially since I’ve forgotten how it works, exactly). The new implementation is way better and I’m surprisingly close to the stage where I stopped working on the system previously! This implementation will also support other minigame-type things better, although I wont talk more about those now because I kinda want to keep them under the wraps. A new room was also finished, along with some work on that fantasy RPG battle cinematics thing seen above. All in all, a very fun stream! :)

Weekly progress post #50: Well, this is a bit unfortunate

Hahah, I didn’t realize that the 50th progress post would be now! Oh well. Today’s stream was shorter than usual due to other things, but I feel that I managed to work on ESA 2 fairly nicely – A new enemy and a new room were added! I wasn’t intending to add a gif this week, but I guess I ought to celebrate this milestone somehow so there we go. I’ll try to have an extra stream later this week.

Weekly progress post #49: I keep forgetting to disable the welcome message


In today’s stream I added a new room and a new enemy while tweaking a couple existing levels, fixing some bugs and in general making the new area feel like its own thing. Surprisingly the moving platform bug I started the stream with ended up being fairly trivial to fix! More lurk ahead, though…

Weekly progress post #48: Tutorial

Today’s stream was fairly low; a new enemy was added as well as a new room (although said room contains some special features!) I spent a bunch of time on a tutorial for dynamic tiling I had promised previously; at first I intended to make a video tutorial but that didn’t turn out so great so I went with a more basic tutorial instead. The file is for Multimedia Fusion 2, but should work in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 as well.


I’m pretty happy with the fact that I’m currently working on the penultimate ‘normal’ area of ESA 2; after this and the next one, things are either optional, smaller parts of existing areas or otherwise nonstandard. Gives me hope that this one’ll be actually finished eventually!!!

Weekly progress post #47: Slime

Today’s stream saw the return of an old friend, made in the very beginning of the game but taken out due to changes in plans. I’ll have to tweak said entity to make it fit its new home, but I think things’ll be fine. Also spent time on making slime feel more slimy and adjusting the area currently in the works, as seen above! Next week we’ll get into some even more slimy areas, though!

(Aaghh this game has been in development for 2 years soon)

(Also toyed around with the procedural generation algorithm! It’s been a fun little sideproject and I’ll try to utilize the results in a roguelike or something (inspiration from Caves of Qud, which successfully uses the actual WFC algorithm for dungeon generation, as far as I know. I think my homebrew algorithm could manage something similar, even if not equally consistently!)

Weekly progress post #46: Lasers

I wonder if a progress post is already called that? Whatever. I’ll try to reduce the amount of gifs I post for a bit so that I don’t end up revealing everything about the game before release!!

Today’s stream was fairly laid-back, but I managed to add 2 new enemies, a new trap, a new room, some decoratives and a new platforming element. The aforementioned platforming element is kind of an odd one and it’ll be interesting to see if it’ll be fun to utilize, but at least it shouldn’t be overly frustrating(?) There’s again a bunch of behind-the-scenes work that needs doing and I’m dreading that, but hopefully I’ll manage to muster the motivation to tackle it. Last week I didn’t have time to stream at all, so I’ll try to make up for that sometime in the future with an extra stream.

Weekly progress post #45: Drill beetles!

In today’s stream I finished a new trap/hazard, added a new enemy, started working on a new area and drew some new tilesets. Also worked a bit on the space portion of the map, along with implementing some new powerup functionality and fixing a couple bugs. I’m pretty happy with the progress tonight, to be honest, even though it initially felt like I had accomplished relatively little. Still lots to do, of course, but the fact that I’m now actually “surrounding” the various space stations is making everything feel way more ‘final’ in manageable, it’s sweet!

Weekly progress post #44: New powerup and lotsa tweaks

Today I started of kinda slow due to not feeling too well; however, the pace kinda picked up over time and I ended up implementing some nice little things. Among these were 1 new room, adjusting several others, fixing many bugs, scrapping an old powerup and implementing another, decorating some areas and discussing about certain design things with the chat. The reaper enemies shown here were made earlier, though.

There are multiple large things looming in the future that I’ll have to re-implement; this’ll be fairly annoying but the results will hopefully be worth it! Biggest of these is reverting the collision code back to what it originally was – I already re-implemented it once to allow for better moving platforms, but now that my knowledge of lua is better I can return to the old, simpler system and handle the moving platforms via lua code. As a result, several other things will become easier to implement while the moving platforms will hopefully end up being way less buggy!