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Another student magazine cover


So, another cover illustration for the psychology student organization’s magazine, Kompleksi. I made this together with my girlfriend (<3), it was great fun to work on! The theme of the magazine was "celebration", so we went with a fantasy party. Click the image to go to the DeviantArt page.

Adventure cards!


A friend requested me to draw some cards for their tabletop game, and here we are. It was a lot of fun to make these, especially since I wanted to try to make those “proper” border patterns etc. Also got to extensively try out these new inks my girlfriend bought me (thanks <3)!! The result is very homemade-looking but I'm very happy with these in any case. The font used is Avara.

Deviantart link to the cards

Two small winter doodles


Took some time to doodle after talking about cold, snowy winter scenery with my girlfriend; it was good fun and resulted in two little scenes I liked. Also resulted in me using coloured pencils for the first (or at least nearly the first) time in years! I should doodle more(?)



Painted with watercolours after another long break! I should get back to this hobby; it was fun to paint even though this one is very simple and small.

New watercolour!!


Woo! After nearly a year of no watercolours I finally got back to it after having a very cool discussion about painting. You can really see that I was a bit afraid of messing it up with how few colours I used, but I’m nonetheless very happy with this piece, especially considering that I made the lineart last Autumn! >:I

I’ve been busy this week and thus been unable to stream but I’ll try to get the stream done someday before the week is over!! Sorry for the delay!!!

Website overhaul

I finally got around to doing it! The main website is as simplistic as ever and possible even more cluttered than before, but the flash applet is out and replaced with a simple viewer. This has the benefit of there being more space for stuff on the game-specific pages on top of the obvious lack of need to support flash, but I think I’ll have to add categories of some sort, as the actual main page is pretty full of text now.

Doing this reminded in a sad way about how times have changed; it’s cool and all to have a personal website with my own games listed neatly, but the indie gaming culture has definitely moved on from people downloading games from developer’s websites, what with the prevalence of Steam and other such services. I kinda miss those days but totally understand why people prefer the ease and security of Steam over downloading various zip files from some site/forum somewhere.

An interesting side-effect, though, is that these days games that you pay money for probably get more players than freeware games, just by the power of being on a site that specializes in marketing the game and making it easy to obtain it! This is great in the sense that it makes supporting the developers the assumed option, but I really hope something like becomes also favoured by players of games as a kind of bohemian haven for less standard games.

Whatever. I hope someone checks out my older games using this new site to justify its existence, but it’s fine even if not!!


Screensaver jam!

So, over the weekend there was a little jam organized by JW with the theme of making screensavers. I was really really busy on Saturday and most of Sunday, but I managed to complete a little thing nonetheless:

Island Screensaver!!

Special update for ESA coming 18th of October

Just that! There’ll be new content and secrets, and some much-needed bugfixes. Yay!

Steam announcement here!


I’ve been doodling some characters for a story idea which is based on a concept I’ve been pondering and working on for some years now. This story idea is basically the third iteration of the concept, although I think I want to work the second story iteration into a separate work (a comic, maybe?) ESA was such an action-oriented game that it would be cool to make a game with an emphasis on story. It could also help overcome certain fears related to expressing more emotional dialogue (I usually feel terribly self-aware if I try to do that; not uncommon but it’d be cool to get over it).

I’ve played Undertale a lot lately, what a great game! It handles some game conventions in a really fresh way and has mostly amazingly good writing, both of which are rare sights in indie games. The soundtrack is also rather good. Gushing about the game here is probably kind of redundant, seeing how much attention it has gotten, but eh, I enjoyed it and wanted to say that. Here’s the Steam page.


I’m not dead! Just tired.

I’ve been streaming weekly throughout the Summer, and since there have been no big announcements to make or new games to reveal (yet), I’ve been forgetting to update this blog. I’ll try to get back to it, and hopefully soon enough there’ll be a new game to make proper updates about. I have a lot of ideas, though, and I’m not sure if I can really make all of them.

The political/economical/humanitarian problems around the world and here in Finland have made life pretty anxious at times, and that has sometimes drained a lot of my energy to work on games – especially since it feels that it’d be nice to actually help people who’re suffering right now, which games do only on a relatively superficial level. It’s a dilemma I’ll have to live with, I suppose.

Anyway! I’m going to update things more once I have things to update about, but fear not, things are under development. I’m also working on some comics :)