Jump, Copy, Paste

Oh Hey! I just finished a new game! It is yet another of those platformers-with-a-twist, this time related to copying and pasting of level areas. Because I’m lazy and don’t want to write everything for a third time, let’s use some copy/paste of my own:

Jump, Copy, Paste features a mechanic that at least I haven’t seen earlier, and it circles around copying and pasting parts of the game levels. The game was supposed to have a story of some sort, but due to an immensely infuriating and nonsense glitch I decided to get done with the game quickly. The story would’ve been quite cheesy anyway, so maybe it’s for the best that I didn’t include it. Noby Did again some wonderful music for the game. That guy is a genius.


A + D = move about
W = jump
Left mouse button = choose the area to copy, release to perform. After copying, you can select a new area with another left click.
Right mouse button = paste the copied area.
R = restart
Esc = Quit

Some screenshots:



  1. Hempuli says:

    I don’t have a donation button (yet), but if you really want to spoil your money we can discuss about it.

  2. jim le fevre says:

    I’ve just played Jump Copy Paste from Jayisgames’ Weekend Download and, having realised I’ve also played a lot of your other games, thought I’d email and say what a truly excellent excellent game it is (and your others too).

    It’s also heartening to see it’s all done in MMF2 which I picked up after finding out Nifflas used it for Knytt (and I also see he’s a little cog in JCP too…)

    Anyhow, well done on the game, it’s absolutely brilliant and thank you for making it. I look forward to more. On that subject do you have a donate button?

    yours faithfully jim le fevre

  3. JeppeKM says:

    Nordic Indie FTW!
    I made a post about the game on the Nordic Games, Gamers & Developers webpage http://nggd.org

  4. Dd says:

    Ali > This is similar but not the same game at all.

    Nice idea ^^

  5. Hempuli says:

    Ali: I wouldn’t really say that, other than for the concept of “copy & paste” -features.

  6. Eriv says:

    gr8 game. any more? :D

  7. bill says:

    but still great

  8. kurt says:

    how do you kill baddies im stuck on lvl nine and there is two and there on dark block

  9. MK says:

    Great experimental idea and mental exercise.

  10. phil says:

    I played it, very unique, the problem is for me that it seems like WORK, not play.

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