Masjin 1.8b

Ok, here it is.
* Added banning! Banned players are put into a blacklist in the game folder, so you can conveniently remove them if needed. Type ‘/ban USERNAME’ in-game to ban a player. Due to me using an outdated version of Lacewing, bans are username-based so they’re VERY easy to dodge. Working on that; I’ll try to update Lacewing and hope it doesn’t break everything.
* Mucus grenade buffed significantly, maybe even too significantly!
* Engineer’s shop changed a lot; now you need to stand still a while before you get to the shop, but at least the prices are back to normal.
* Added two more slopes to the builder.
* Joining a game should be much less of a hassle. I fear though that there might be bugs in this.

Yes indeed


  1. SB says:

    No, it’s a large animated GIF, silly. Maybe you weren’t reading the link carefully.
    Anyway, I went ahead and made it into a movie, since that was easier. See here:

  2. Steel Ken says:

    Your “Picture” is a f*cking .exe?

  3. SB says:

    Hey Hemp & others

    Here’s the continuation of the gif above. I was experimenting with ramps to create a full-fledged race circuit around the map. Sorry for the huge file.

  4. stoof says:

    Can you please give the option to fullscreen the game? Perhaps a a common key toggle as well (Alt+Enter).

  5. Scoot says:

    I like the proposed suggestions above. With proper refinement, this game could really give the Worms franchise of yesteryear a run for its money in terms of robust multiplayer experience. The next obvious leap would be user-editable maps. With these refinements, of course, the thing would have to be shored up significantly and made more bulletproof against cheating and that sort of thing, though. Which we’ve seen a lot of, sadly.

    • Hempuli says:

      Yeah, it’s quite nasty to join a game and get people asking me to ban someone for cheating/hacking/trolling, while in fact I really don’t have any tools whatsoever to prevent that! I will have to try to add any means possible to remove a player from a game.

  6. Vauat says:

    Oh yeaaaahh…
    something like clans or groups would be great.
    so my idea: clans.
    not so like Kennys idea that they are just for the moment. maybe there would be a clan.txt file too (if the player creates one). All players of a clan get an automatically message if one player of the clan creates a private game (of course only if the player is in the game^^). This message contains the name of the one who made that game and the ‘password'(to join the private game).
    maybe a way of ‘clan tag’ would be a funny idea too^^(but thats not necessary LoL).
    ugh.. i think its difficult to realize… but it would be a great addition for the game.
    Greets, Vauat

  7. Steel Ken says:

    Allright, a suggestion that will lower the frustration REDICULOUSLY

    You can’t believe how hard it was to tell everyone the password of the private game without anyone to hear the password.
    Me, PJK, Vauat and Meep wanted to do a 2v2, took more than 30 minutes to get into game.

    So my idea is “Invite to group”
    Just doubleclick on the player name and he will get into a group, once all players are in the group you can start a private game and everyone will join AUTOMATICLY.
    Private game in 30 seconds.

  8. Steel Ken says:

    Aaaah Bans D:.
    Please make a message “Has been banned” and not “Has left the game”
    also make a poll to “Accept” or “Decline” a ban. if 60% approves he gets kicked.
    [/mean guy]

    Mucus; no shooting? *takes mucus with me*

    Engineering; thanks, no more spam mines…

    Slopes; I don’t see the point… Anyways I can make my drawings smoothers now :D

    Game; finally ^^

    Black hole granade: Summons a hole and everyone gets sucked to the middle slowly. also sucks up bullets, ones it’s done everybody gets shot out, and all the bullets will go to a random direction and be offensive to anyone.
    Sniper Class: Hard, effective and slow shots… Just like the laser cannon you will view the side you’re looking at. experienced users only! :D

  9. Wonmin says:

    Hi Hempuli,

    Can you please change all stores so you can press the escape key to close them? It’s really frustrating when you have to click the mouse in the heat of battle.

    Thank you!

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